Monster Hunter World!!!!!

You might have to report back to the rest of us. I think I could get past monsters they didn’t put enough money in to make them stand out. I can overlook GI Jane trying to drive around and just machine gun… stuff. I don’t think I can look past an oversexed cat drooling at Milla the entire time.

For all you MH pros out there, maybe you can help me with an issue I have with World.

I’m new to the series, but have played the heck out of MH: World a few times, but the thing that eventually drives me out is the inventory management, which I HATE. All those goofy little icons, all those different potions and traps and food and prep. (and this is withOUT using a weapon that uses ammo)

I just like fighting the big mobster. Minimal prep, minimal gear game…any thoughts?

Most of the potions and food and stuff like that I just ignored. I had heal potions, mega heals, rations, and maybe a couple other pots. The ones that restore your HP bar if you die before meals are available again. I think there’s an option in the item box to restock all your items each run? Only works if you still have something left in the stack, though, if I remember correctly. Maybe there’s a way to save inventory loadout similar to equipment?

Ultimately, I think prep is intentionally part of the game. It is a hunt you’re about to set out on, and part of that I think is supposed to be preparing for it. What tools do I need to bring? How much of each should I have?

I know what you mean about it being kind of a hassle but to me I just tried not to sweat it. If I didn’t have something out in the field I wanted? You can almost always make do without it and that’s what I did for the most part.

Yeah you can save inventory loadouts, and after a run if you go to your chest and choose a saved loadout, it’ll restock those items and stash everything else that was in your inventory.

Thanks, it’s been a while and I thought I remembered doing that but some days I feel more goldfish than human. :)

Saving a item setup that you like is really, really handy.

Same for armor/weapon setups, though honestly that tends to change quite a bit as you play, whereas the items you bring basically gets locked in by the time you’re doing HR stuff.

The loadout menu is the Start button for either basically anytime you have access to said gear.

Also I love this game and have been playing the hell out of it these last couple weeks.
Sadly everyone else seems to hate it.

Still soloing the whole thing is pretty fun and certainly a challenge.
Kind of pumped to finish it and start over with a new weapon if I’m honest.

Edit: OH also when you’re in the inventory, going to Item Bar and changing it to be ordered based on your inventory (or manually) is a godsend. It occasionally gets fubar’d for some reason, but it’s a life saver being able to set that crap how you want. The game is really good about a lot of options for how to access stuff, like changing sprint off the movement stick so you stop sheathing mid-fight and changing the quick menu to click so that it’s more reliable (the default got me killed so many time by just deciding to not work).

I don’t bother with a lot of potions. I use Mega, Armorskin and Demondrug standard. I also generally carry Herbal Medicine and dung bombs. That’s all I really use, even thought there are tons of stuff.

The only other thing is cool/hot drink depending on location. I also make sure I have some ancient potions in my box in case I feint, but I don’t bother carrying those. I do bring some flash bombs if it’s flying enemy, but those have been nerfed so much I don’t carry them all the time anymore.

You can do a lot of the game (the main hunts) without needing much more than the Mega potions. Once you can craft them there are the armor/weapon talon items that buff you that you’ll also want to keep. The rest were emergency backups. You can grab stuff in the wild to make the hot/cold drinks. The blights are on a timer and will run out except bleeding where you have to crouch. Eating special things was a special occasion where “OK I’ve died a lot to Barioth, now we’re doing all the drugs!!!” HMmm not sure if this is the best message for kids - When the going gets tough, it’s time to do drugs?

Edit: I’m also lazy most of the time in the Canteen and just eat the Special which gives you max health/stamina.

Monster Hunter is some kind of alternative Witcher timeline, I guess.

Super helpful thoughts, y’all, thanks!

Who hates it??
I just started this like… a month ago. Playing with two friends that have clocked like 400 hours in it so I got some really good guidance, but damn how much fun is this!!
I’ve never enjoyed a pure grinding game this much.
And the palicos. THE PALICOS!!

I’ve played more than 500 hours at this point and I still love the game. And yeah, the palicos are too cute. ;)

All the people I normally play with. Which is fine, I get it.

I have a weird bug where the game takes FOREVER to load and it basically ended me playing it much.
Taking 10 minutes or more to get to the menu is too much. Every “solution” on the internet is basically bullcrap, it just seems to randomly happen at some point. And then sometimes it fixes itself for a couple days… and then breaks again. I’m currently in a “broken” phase so I haven’t played much, even though I pretty close to the end of Icebourne.

Fun as hell though. And if it wasn’t for the start up thing, I’d probably finish it and start it all over again with a new character and try out some new weapons.

Oh wow, that sounds horrible. I’m on a PS5 so I have next to no loading screens, which is a bliss.
Just got the part in Iceborn where you have to fight that crazy Bazelguse. Ended up being chased by a Deviljho non stop round and around the arena until he eventually killed me, while my friend was trying to kill the Bazelguse. I was in such a frickin rage, but still, it manages to be somehow fun after you’ve cooled down.
Also - the sounds they’ve made for the monsters are amazing. Top 3 roars. The Bazelguse layered, disty roar, the Odogarons hollering and the Legianas pitched shriek.

I actually met a cat on the street walking home from work yesterday that looked exactly like I made my Palico (minus the clothes, obvi…). I stopped and said hi to him, and asked him if we should go kill some monsters. He jumped up in my lap. I nearly stole him.

It really is. MHW was my first Monster Hunter game and I absolutely loved it. I’m in at day one for any sequel.

Monster Hunter Rise comes out in 3 days, but it’s a Switch exclusive… for now. It has been confirmed that it will be released eventually at least for PC, but that’s probably at least one year away.

I’m unclear on Rise. I’m ready for a sequel, this seems more like a Switch… I don’t know the word I’m looking for. Sidegrade? Compromised for the Switch in some way, maybe? In any case, other than the whip thingy I’m not sure what’s new in it. Have you followed it and if so do you know if there’s much there to make it a fresh experience?

You can think of it as a sequel for Generations incorporating a lot of what has been learned in World. I’ve seen people saying that, mechanically, it’s closer to World than any other MH game, so there’s that.

It’s really World, without the crappy traversal and with proper soundtracks and esthetics.
Also it feels to me, to accomodate for the new easier navigation, ranged weapons have been nerfed big times.