Monster Hunter World!!!!!

I may want to look at that. Stopped paying as no family pays it with me. My most used weapons were clutch claw and errr solo hunting horn. I do find the horn hilarious and depending on the fight it works well. But I loooooooove IG. And I while I have learned to use the clutch claw as a “tenderizer” and to do the send them into a wall thing, I don’t like how “fiddly” it is.

Hmmmmm. Am on PC. Hmmmmmmm.

So far it’s pretty dope.

That said I haven’t gotten back into Iceborne stuff yet, which is where the real test is.

I keep trying to get back into iceborne and struggling. Loaded it up on my steam deck and every time I put the game down I get frustrated with the having to relearn the clutch claw. It’s just so out of flow with how I’ve internalizedy weapons it kills the spirit.

I need to figure out how to install ice on the steam deck maybe. Then I’d be able to get to the end. Or just give up and start sunbreak I guess.

So I’m happily playing through Iceborne and just get totally stalled on Brachydios. I’m using a good ice lance, full up on fire resistance, etc… I can do ok but the randomly exploding is just frustrating the hell out of me.

I looked it up and of course it’s blast resistance I need not fire. I just realized this is the first time in MH I’ve ever encountered blastblight, and needed blast resistance. Did I just ignore it with no consequences or are there no blast enemies before him in the base game?

I think Teostra does blast blight as well.

Raging Brachydios kicked my ass more then any other monster in the entire game by a fairly wide margin.

Just looked it up and apparently he does. I guess I somehow just beat him without ever noticing random explosions.

Are you using Guard and guard up? Guard up really helps on brachy, guard was better in world overall compared to rise. I vaguely remember it being more annoying in world because you had to randomly get guard up as a gem lol. ideally, as lance you wouldn’t ever get hit by blastblight in the first place because putting your weapon away, dodging to get rid of it etc is usually what gets you killed ha

I have level 4 of guard but no guard up atm. I’m pretty sure the blast blight was due to my clutch claw countering, or due to slime on the ground.

Either way, it was just as simple as replacing fire resistance with blast resistance and he went down relatively easily. I only fainted once because Brachy killed a Gastadon, and I pressed the wrong button and got stuck carving the Gastadon corpse. I also kept getting punished for clutch clawing while he’s enraged, since he explodes every hit.

Onward, I guess to Velkhana!

I will say, Velkana is so much easier with Guard Up it’s not even funny, lol. Otherwise all those ice attacks knock you right out of guard

Ugh fuck Velkana.

I’ve been tackling everything MR4 in 20 minutes with almost no trouble. I’m doing the third Velkana fight (the one right after the defend Selina one) and failed it the last three times. Every time it’s like 20 minutes in and I make a mistake and get hit two times killing me before I can recover from a mis timed counter.

It’s making me angry.

I almost want to switch weapons because of how long it takes to sheathe to pop a heal and have a non terrible clutch claw scheme (seriously why is pressing right stick in one time and only one time required).

Yes, switch weapons. The lance is a truly miserable weapon against Velkhana.

Maybe I’ll switch to great sword. I’ve been itching for a change of pace but figured I’d wait till after Velkana before attempting to get acquainted with something new. Guess I’ll start before.

7 attempts down and got him! God damn I don’t understand how this game is so well tuned to be so damn frustrating, but giving you such glimpses that you can do it, and make you feel good when it finally happens.

It helps that I realized really late in that if I shield dash when he does the ice “beam” I can actually make good progress towards him instead of being pelted backwards, but it was just lots of little things and to make less mistakes.

I kept going with lance because I’m stubborn, but I think after that I really want a change of pace now.

I thought Velkana was one of the hardest monsters to play with lance, your not alone

And now Namielle down firs try. I thought that was a cool fight.

However, it’s very hard to do damage to her without tenderizing some parts and breaking them, but she doesn’t seem to do a lot of physical attacks that can be clutch clawed. That meant I had to keep sheathing to reliably clutch claw (cause clutch clawing without sheathing is so bad and messes everything up).

Hilariously enough, the fight ended with a clutch claw. She got staggerdd, I went to clutch claw her to ram her into the wall and the cluch claw itself got the final kill.

I do want to change weapons, but I haven’t wanted to spend the time to figure out which great sword and which pieces of armor I should set up with (nor which things I’ll need to farm for it). Maybe I’ll just get through the story before committing to a new weapon, I am assuming I’m pretty close.

Don’t forget you can use temporal mantle to pretty much guarantee a successful clutch claw grab (or rocksteady if you’re feeling more adventurous!). You could even use something like gliding mantle with some defensive decos. And as a lance user, you can pretty much guarantee a couple wyvern rides if you regularly work in aerial hits when you’re charging - that’s always good for renewing the tenderizing.
Also if your issue is bouncing, don’t forget you can always go the lazy route and work in some Mind’s Eye.

Hrm so I actually have neither temporal or rocksteady mantles. Looks like I should do some HR special assignments.

The issue with namielle wasn’t bouncing, all my attacks were just doing white damage (which I think means non weak points?). So I needed to tenderize a bunch until I broke parts in order to not do low damage.

Lol what is with this end boss fight. Can’t get knocked down once or one hit laser to the face.

20 minutes of me tenderizing his back side and poking him but then the whole arena practically became quicksand amd I randomly exploded.

Between xeno, zora, shara, and narwa I have yet to find any of the end boss battles fun in the slightest (though at least Narwa is engaging and has variety)

Yeah, it’s one of those things you mostly learn from experience. On the upside it’s actually really straightforward to avoid - the arena turning to quicksand is a big tell, and then the boss will submerge and reappear on one side of the arena. Run to the edge of the arena and you’ll be safe there (the other side if you want to be super safe, but there’s a good chunk of safe zone on the edge). I usually take it as a good chance to sharpen and heal up while watching basically a dragonball spirit bomb come down, which will definitely nuke you if you’re anywhere inside the arena, although you might also survive if you have lots of levels of divine blessing and it procs.

There’s a couple more bosses in the “post-endgame” of Iceborne though so maybe some of those might tickle your fancy? But in general I do enjoy the regular monster battles the most … all this talk of Iceborne reminds me how much I loved it! I love all the weapon additions in Sunbreak, but I really do miss the world of World+Iceborne…

Yeah I had only fought him for the first time last night, so I’m sure there are all sorts of tricks you learn after the first encounter. It was just a bit of a “wut” moment going from the phase 1 fight, which had me thinking “seriously, this is what they are going to end the game on” to suddenly getting lasered to the face where even guarding with guard 4 + guard up gives enough chip damage to be one shot.

I actually can’t even figure out how you are supposed to dodge the straight on laser either. I almost want to take quick sheathe because if I have my weapon out and he starts aiming his laser I’m already screwed, as I can’t seem to side hop or sheathe + jump to get out of the way fast enough. Though I guess guard dashing to the side might work.

The little of what I’ve seen of safi and fatalis sounds neat. I’m not sure how much I’ll get to do though as I tend to only play solo, and I have heard you can’t really do those solo without having gear from them or higher. I have a feeling once I beat Shara I’m going to have to make a decision of if I want to spend a ton of time doing everything I can do solo in MHW (and try to get as far into the end game as I can), or start Sunbreak, or GU.