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Are elemental damage and resists meant to be a honeypot?

I ask because I did what I thought was supposed to be the good Monster Hunter thing. I researched the Anjanath and saw that he had fire breath and weakness to water. So I craft some water swords and as much fire resist gear as I can manage. I go pick a fight and get wrecked – set on fire a few times and doing less damage than I was with my regular bone swords.

So I switch back to all my regular gear, and it goes fine. Should I just ignore all the elemental information I see? Or am I doing it wrong?


At least up to HR 12 I haven’t found any particular value in elemental defense; if I’m really worried about That One Attack I’ll just bring and use the appropriate consumables.

Elemental attack on the other hand makes it really fast to wipe out monsters. It can be hard to quantify even with the damage numbers, though - they get modified by so many things that it’s difficult to tell if the numbers are higher because of elemental weakness, area targeted, or one of the various buffs you can have.


I use elemental stuff to my advantage all the time, like switch my gear.I have no “main” gear, although I am always working on some set to replace other gear. No amount of elemental gear though will let me take Anjanth’s fire straight on the face at my rank though. I am fairly convinced if I had an overall fire weakness I wouldn’t have done well with him. Then again, not getting is always the better option. Are you sure you just didn’t evade or block better the second time?


Elemental defense is definitely important in some fights. Having 30 points in the appropriate element can be the difference between a nasty AOE attack taking 80% of your HP in damage vs. 40%. The former means you have to stay at full health all the time, and even so might still die if stunned. The latter leaves way more room for error. Likewise the status effect immunities from resist skills can be a huge deal (just having 1-2 levels of a status effect resist I find mostly useless though; it’s either 0 or 3).

But… That’s assuming that you’re not giving up significant amounts of physical defense when optimizing for the elemental defense. Let’s say you’re fighting an Anjanath early: it’s much better to have 50 defense / 0 fire than 30 defense / 20 fire. You’re going to get hit by a normal attack a lot more than an elemental one.

The elemental damage might or might not be a red herring, it depends totally on your weapon. The thing to understand about the damage formula is that the physical damage and elemental damage numbers shown in the weapon information are at totally different scales and have different modifiers applied to them.

The basic idea is that for elemental/ailment attacks the only thing that matters is the number of hits you get; the weapon type, the attack type, sharpness, etc don’t matter. So a hammer user should totally ignore elemental damage (and maybe even avoid having an elemental weapon in the first place, so that they can slot in a non-elemental boost decoration). While for a dual blade user elemental damage is a big contributor to the total DPS.


Hmm, that’s good information. Thank you! Your point about defense is good to know. I definitely would have taken a defense hit to equip the elemental stuff. I guess I’ll just keep everything up to date!


Yeah, Monster Math is kinda an impenetrable mess. I would say that raw attack and defense are the priority, but generally I try to match up weapon elements with monster weaknesses as best I can. As a GS guy raw matters way more for me for the reasons @jsnell outlined.

Armor is a slightly different matter. While I don’t give up raw defense I definitely eat for the elemental resistances the set I am using is weak in if I need to. For example, fighting a Rath with armor weak to fire is going to be pretty rough unless you offset that weakness somehow.


People who join an SOS only to faint three times…



The agro algorithm of some monsters is funny. They seems to focus on characters that did damaged and have unsheated weapons (but also rotate targets and other stuff). So the above webcomic can be the result of carefully programmed animal behavior.

My favorite thing about this game is how animal like are the monsters.


Or how human they are…



Trying to stop a lava monster with a wooden barrier.

Still enjoying the game. I am not sure is it even possible to fail that quest?


It is possible. In our playthrough, all four of us went into the quest solo (thanks to the cutscene shenanigans). Our friend who had played before raged about how stupid the quest was in general (it is kinda bad, and other titles had similar major quests), complained about it the whole time and eventually failed it (the rest of us completed it first try). I presume his failure was due to more complaining and less loading the cannons. ;)


It was just a weird quest, and I felt I didn’t do well with it, but I still somehow completed it.


Me neither.

First I struggled to find the tether post to take to the skies after it smashed through that first barrier.

Then on its back after smashing the last lava rock point thing I couldn’t work out where to go when I was supposed to resupply or something. So I bumbled around and mined a couple of those tempting outcrops before the game moved me on to the next bit with a cutscene. :)

It was pretty cool though. Reminded me how nice the visuals are when Nergigante lands and the 1st takes him on, nice lighting.


My experience exactly. It told me to go find another thing and I never did. I was swinging through things that sort of looked like something, i mined some stuff i need for a new weapon and thought well at least there is that. and somehow… I finished alive. That cutscene was kind of fun.

I am soo slow with this game. I am not sure I will even get a chance, again , to do the Horizon quest. I just PC game still and this is my no one else is on for the PC games so I do this,. My sister is all worried I’ll burn out before PC releases. I told her no worries. I am taking my time, and I never find the battles boring.

Heck I was trying to find that kitty in the trees and realizing, almost to my death, that there are two flying critters around in the expedition mode of the Ancient forest.


Yep, the entire quest is poorly implemented. I love the part where you’re supposed to go and drive Nergigante away, but you can actually completely ignore him and eventually he leaves on his own. I presume the grunts on land firing the ballista or something actually get rid of him. But we repeated that quest several times (for mats), and never once have I actually had to face him. We usually just kept mining. ;)


Really? So… it’s basically an interactive cut-scene.


Is no doubt the worst mission in the game. Pure dreck. A literal pile of burning trash.
But you don’t really need to do it twice, and you can even shot a flare and random dudes will do the mission for you.


I have never played one of these before, but I ended up taking the plunge. I’m DantesWitness on PSN if anyone is interested in flailing through a mission or two with a terrible player.


Add me on PSN (merryprankster) and I’ll get you in the Squad. We have a few QT3 folks and a few others. Happy to help new players.