Monster Hunter World!!!!!


290k players now.


Has anyone tried playing Online on PC? Every time I try to find a session it searches forever (and they have no cancel button? Come on, guys) and then fails. No idea why, it’s not firewall related.


Ya, I learned the charge blade by watching youtube videos. It’s insane how complex the moves are, because it uses a bunch of mechanics which are unique to the weapon.

You charge up the weapon by hitting things, and then you can store the charge in the weapon, which lets you unleash big extra damage attacks.

But then you can take that charge, and put it in the shield, which makes the shield stronger and also hurt enemies when you block them.

And then once you have a charged shield, you can do a super uber attack that dumps all of the charge into one massive multi-explosion hit.

And you can also take the shield, and use it to charge up the sword, so then your fast one handed sword attacks also do extra elemental damage.

And finally, on top of all that, most of the moves that are doing things like moving the charge around have guard points, where a few frames of the moves will block attacks because the shield happens to be in front of you.

It is overwhelming at first, but once you learn which moves are used to move the charge around (there are only a few) then all the stuff just flows together really well, and it’s super satisfying.

My only regret is that since I did the charge blade first, it kind of ruined other weapons for me, since they seem simple by comparison.


I’ve enjoyed the complexity of the hunting horn in previous versions. I haven’t decided what route I’m going to take now.


I had this issue on PS4 a bit early on. Probably to do with the Server load issues.

In terms of tier lists of weapons

Bow is tops, followed by heavy bowgun, followed by Chargeblade, followed by longsword/dual blades/greatsword

Of course this is all disputable, and who really cares about tier lists anyway, because killing the monsters your way is the best way.

I would check out some weapon tutorial videos on youtube (tons of good ones) and pick your favorite and stick to it for a while, they are all viable. I did longsword for a very long time, but then I had to change things up after a while, because I got bored, and went to switch axe, and then settled on greatsword. I really have an itch to try the heavy bowgun though.


I played for less than an hour last night, just long enough to get through the tutorial and the first quest and I got a disconnect. This happened with PS4, was really bad for Xbox, at launch but they were resolved eventually.


Jesus, I honestly cannot believe capcom put in some of these monsters as the first monsters people hunt. How on earth did they think Barroth was a better introduction to hunting than the Great Jaggi? I went on that quest and literally got stunned into charged to take out my entire health pool in one combo without me being able to do anything 3 times in a row. It was so fucking ridiculous. I honestly hate this about MH games, they all have this feature where you get knocked down, then the monsters next attack comes out RIGHT when you stand up and they just chain kill you to death.

Also, the game seems pretty unoptimized. My graphics card is sitting at 40% useage and giving me random frame drops. Just weird. They had seven whole months to fix these things…


git gud :)


Barroth destroyed me in Tri. This version is better. I am no export, but not only does he give pretty clear indications he is going to charge or just drop his head like a hammer, you can respond to it. Was that your first take with Barroth? Part of the learning curve is just learning how to read them. Once you get that down… Barroth isn’t that bad at all.

Oh and gearing up. I can’t remember if i had Great Jagras gear for that one or not but i know I didn’t have the started stuff.


Just in case you aren’t aware, in those situations you don’t want to stand up right away. Staying on the ground a moment longer can and will save your life.


I am going to give this a try. I don’t generally play this kind of game so this could be interesting and/or frustrating. It looks very pretty though.


re: Biggest Release EVAH

As they say, timing is everything. This was released with literally no competition on either side of it for weeks so people with money to burn jumped on it.

I am trying to like it based on the good reviews but it’s gameplay loop is exceptionally shallow.

Fight monster. Monster runs away. Chase monster. Fight monster moar. Monster runs away, etc etc.
It is like the proverbial bullet sponge boss in games like The Division.

I’m hoping it opens up a bit more, but it didn’t suck me in whatsoever the way I thought it would. shrug


Only ever played any MH on the Vita. It was just too tiny of a screen to really get into this sort of game (for me anyway). But I finally have a PC able to handle this so I grabbed it.

I’ve never really like the whole ‘giant weapon’ thing, and MH is probably the worst offender. But I’m reasonably happy with my insect/glaive spear thingy. I’m still pretty much in button mashing mode, but I’m getting the hang of it slowly.

I haven’t tried playing with others but was able to get thru the second quest on my own thanks to my healing beetle and sort of figuring out how to use him.

This is the first game I’m planning on using youtube guides as there is such depth and diversity to the fighting styles.


I’ve 300+ hours in monster hunter, and have hunted him countless times. Getting stuck in the corner in the water unable to see your character and getting knocked over and over is just bullshit that is in every game, but I wouldn’t expect them to throw it at you in the 2nd hunt. Lame lame lame. the next monster was significantly better and more interesting. honestly not a fan of this thick water swamp stuff though.

As for performance, it seems to be related to the latest Nvidia driver. I rolled back to a previous one and the game is significantly smoother, with little to no frame hiccups even on my crappy machine. That may have impacted my barroth fight as well, since my graphics card was at 20% usage and lagging a bit especially in the swamp.

also, it’s more that they throw you into the barroth fight with the level 1 starting stuff and his charge literally does 100% of your hp in one hit. come on, that’s just bad progression compared to previous MH games. It’s honestly not that big of a deal, the game is still amazing ofc.


that’s the exact gameplay loop the entire game. You go out, hunt monsters, gather their stuff to make new armor, and then hunt bigger monsters or more powerful versions of the older ones. The enjoyment comes from tackling bigger monsters, creating better armor and equipment, and from all the weapon styles (they are each basically their own game).


Do we have a group of people on Steam or something to coordinate coop? I want to get in while the gettin’s good.


Barroth shouldn’t be your second hunt… You should be doing stuff in the ancient forest still. By my memory your second hunt should be the Puka Puka.


Settings that work well for me, giving a solid 100fps in Astera (i7-7700, 1080ti, 1440p).

High levels of ambient occlusion, volume rendering, and sh diffuse are what mostly kill the framerate, for arguably minimal visual gain.

Option Setting Note
Screen mode Fullscreen Game is not as smooth in borderless mode
Framerate No Limit
V-Sync Off I have gsync, if you want vsync try using driver settings instead
Resolution Scaling High Runs the game at native resolution
Texture Quality Full
Ambient Occlusion Low Bizarrely expensive setting!
Volume Rendering Quality Off Or Low, if you like the foggy effect it gives. Very expensive setting esp. at high levels!
Shadow Quality High Shadows are still not sharp, and lower settings make minimal difference
Anti-Aliasing TAA Not great but better than FXAA with hardly any performance difference
LOD Bias High Variable has better performance than High, and looks better than Mid. But the pop-in improvement with High is worth the cost I think.
Max LOD Level No Limit
Foliage Sway On
Subsurface Scattering On
Screen Space Reflection On
Anisotropic Filtering High
Water Reflection On
SH Diffuse Quality Low Spherical harmonics; very expensive at high levels!
Dynamic Range 32-bit
Z-Prepass On


wow. only 6 hours in and the random monsters showing up on hunts just to fuck with me is already super old. Literally lost a fight only because a rathain decided to show up and trap me between two monsters, they both focused me and he torched me with one fireball doing 100% of my hp in one hit. That’s just fun gameplay right there.

goddamn. I already hate the fucking dragons to death and never fight them unless its absolutely required by a quest. to have them randomly show up, fight me instead of the monster, and then kill me is just so utterly lame. MHW is so good but then has all these weird as fuck design choices that make the game unnecessarily frustrating, like, why. just why. it’s lame. if I wanted to fight two monsters at once, I would just go to one of the quests that let you fight two at once. even in those quests in the old games I’d never try to fight them one v 2 in the same area unless it was arena mode… ugh. this game. it’s so good but just has this annoying shit that is so fucking lame and it makes me just want to stop playing.


The power is in your hands to get rid of adds, throw poop (dung pods) at them etc. Most monsters run away when you do this. And some monsters run from other stuff.