Monster Hunter World!!!!!


They totally damage each other. You gotta use your dung pods… pink rathian isn’t even the worst of it. There are at least two later that are… unique dangerous when it comes to adding.

I had like five of them in space once… it was awesome and dangerous.


Pink Rathian is nothing… it’s freaking beezelbub that sucks, just flying in and bombing everything all the time. That guy is such a dick.

Although someone said “he’s much more amusing if you imagine him saying, “HAY GUYZ, WHAT’S GOING ON?” in a dopey voice every time he shows up”. And it’s true.


If that wasn’t me it’s something I’ve said a bunch of times to other people. Bazelgeuse is my dude. He just wants to hang out with everyone else. More than once I’d be in the middle of fighting a monster and turn around just as he slammed into me at 100mph. I can’t even get mad. I’m just like hey buddy, you got me. Good stuff.

After a while you learn to use that against him. One of my favorite kills was the fight where you have to kill two of them. I got the second one by laying down a few giant bombs and standing behind them. Pretty great screenshot for the results screen.


One of the things that MH does better than virtually any game, is create a genuine sense of progression and improvement.

When you first encounter various monsters, they are terrifying and just wreck you. Like Bazel, that guy was seemingly indestructible at first. Even weaker monsters like the stone head dude were super tough when you first ran into them.

But then you kind of learn how they work, and you are able to beat them, and it feels awesome when you do. Eventually it gets to the point where monsters which were once a terror are almost trivial to kill.

It’s extremely well done in this regard.


Haha, and then they give you the plus version, but yeah when fire breathing T-Rex became trivial I smacked him around just because I could!


This is literally what happened to me last night. I wiped several times on Kirin (only had lightning weapons at my disposal, as well as a set of armor with negative thunder resistance lol) and after I finally beat him I moved on to the next main assignment which was set in the ancient forest, where I came across my old buddy Anjanath. So I thought I’d test my newfound skills and upgrades and went to town on his ass, he never stood a chance. I have to admit it felt extremely satisfying.


That’s the spirit!

Of course I am weak against him now since i am trying not to outpace my tiny group, working parents and all. I am even trying to get another one to join. I think he is watching his SO play and just might be interested.


Oh I completely understand, I didn’t have much time to play this week so a friend who I usually game with outpaced me - he played the game before on PS4 so he knows all the tricks, but still. Nevertheless, we managed to do a few coop sessions and it is awesome! I might have to look into public games but I’m honestly not sure how signing up for quests and stuff works then - do you need to coordinate with voice chat or do people follow some generally accepted etiquette?

In any case - still rocking the long sword, but I’m thinking of branching into ranged again now that I have more materials unlocked and more options at my disposal. I was thinking of giving light bowgun another shot - much like my first experience with the long sword, the light bowgun also ended up being a disappointment, but as I’ve experienced first hand with the LS, the power definitely picks up towards the end of low rank (and presumably, even further once you actually get higher rank of abilities on armor). I’m also having a much easier time with combat now that I’ve turned some settings down and I’m hitting more or less stable 60 fps. When I was getting dips down to 40-45 it felt like the game had a pretty severe case of button input lag (like an input queue with over generous timer), which is partly the reason why I found the combat a little frustrating in the beginning.

I also have to echo @Kyle700’s sentiments above - chain stuns suck. I learned that repeatedly versus Rathalos and I’m looking forward to picking some pieces of gear that mitigate these effects. I think sacrificing damage in favor of more stable character will be a very easy decision to make.


I have not done random on PC yet because I am trying to legit keep pace with my slower folks… but it should be the same as PS4. You can join a couple of ways.

If you’re in an active session, like people are posting open quests all the time, it’s a good way to keep going with the same group. They post a quest, it should even show that they did that on the right hand side, or you go to the quest board and just find all the quests. In the beginning there are a lot of story quests but the fun grind, not to be mistaken for the bad kind, I think picks up around the middle and on when everyone is trying to get their specific gear… .I think I started doing this more around the lightning squirrel fox guy and Anjanth (have I mentioned my nephew likes to tell me the name of these monsters every time I don’t use the proper name).

What I liked best though was just answering SOS signals. You can search for those, and that is someone who has asked for help, either to just open up their quest to everyone or because they’re struggling.

I played almost every monster once solo and then 99% of the rest of the game I played wit PUGs. No issues.


I had my Barroth hunt yesterday (that first escort quest, I’ve been busy in my free time unfortunately). Holy crap I came to 5 minutes left before completing. I don’t know if I’m just bad or if it’s normal my level 2 hunting horn hits like a wet noodle.


Cheers. So it’s as I thought, you look for quest prompts and then check how many slots are available. I thought there might be some hidden even more streamlined option available for automatically joining with people in your party, hence why I asked.

I’m liberally consulting this guide every time I switch a weapon or want to upgrade it -

Check it out, maybe you’ll get some ideas. But I do understand exactly what you mean - monsters have a ton of hit points and our weapons in the beginning are rather weak.


There might be. .I haven’t tried the squad thing yet. My current group only wants to do private sessions. I am encouraging them to let us go to the main online sessions instead. I gotta build confidence, but really. Barroth is the next one, the water snake is mine so barely ahead… once I convince them it’s okay to not be perfect, and we can group with others and do… fine, they’ll do it. They’re like me, almost never play with random people but with Monster Hunter… it’s the only game I have ever primarily played with randoms and it was a good experience. I assume the PC crowd is similar.


It was confusing to watch because sometimes there would be a small damage number, like 20 dmg or something, and other times it would just be nothing. so I just assumed they weren’t really damaging each other and it was for show… still don’t quite get it.

it was also during the main questline to hunt a pink rathian, so I just wasn’t thinking about it. It wasn’t even that the rathian was bad to fight or whatever (although they are just not my favorite to fight like some others), its just that because i forgot dung i was kind of locked completely out of the fight, or forced to try and deal with two monsters randomly aggroing me. i just had to wait for them to move to different areas, but then they’d actually follow each other there and start fighting. thats my main criticism of it. I will pack dung though.

the stun thing just sucks in general. it doesn’t make sense to me. If they wanted the move to be extra punishing, i think it should just ko in one hit or do more damage, why does it need to knock you over, then stun you, watching helplessly as you die?


Do you every play in groups? I am just wondering if you might like it better. I ask because stuff like forgetting dung pods, well out of 4, someone probably has it. It’s just a difference experience.


the game is a lot different in a group, it’s fun and great but usually quite a lot easier, especially at my level. It’s never really any challenge to beat a monster with 4 people… that was sort of my experience in MHG as well, could easily do Rajang (non g rank) with 4 but got smashed as a solo.

I’m just going to add dung to my loadouts. i still dont love monsters randomly joining in. but its obviously here to stay lol


Fair enough. And yeah I was trying to spoil too bad but Deviljho, when they add him, the lion bomber, and later that stupid dog can all be unpleasant surprises. The five monster battle royal I experienced on PS4 had all three of them plus two usuals for that area.


There’s plenty of equipment that gives stun resistance (either reducing the duration or eliminating the stuns completely). But it’s going to mean trading off something else; coming up with the right armor build for your playstyle / a specific opponent is half the fun.


Anyone tried this over Steamlink? Is the lag tolerable? Or is it impossible to play?


Sorry I have not tried Steamlink.

I am completely sold on the KB/M now. I beat that silly shocking squirrel, that one that took me like 4-5 tries on PS4, my first go this time. I am fairly certain it’s because I can swing the camera better with him, but also I have learned more… but yeah! Next up, fiery T-Rex and I might getting closer to out of cut-scene hell too.


I have been playing over steamlink on Ethernet. It has been fine for me.