Monster Hunter World!!!!!


That’s a very divisive issue! (for min/maxers anyway)


I never managed to get earplug to level 5. I believe. But it would be very useful, not doubt.


Oh I can imagine. I was actually shocked when a friend told me that you can roll through roars. Unfortunately I’m not good enough for that (not even remotely close lol) so various QoL skills like Earplugs are a net dps gain for me because they simply give me more openings to hit the monsters. It turned Tempered Black Diablos from a rage inducing experience to a completely manageable encounter where I now cart once or twice, tops. I’ll see if I can also squeeze Guard 5/5 in there, that would also be great versus some heavy hits.

On an unrelated note - is a single healing augment on weapons worth it? I have a few rank 8 ones but rank 8 weapons only have 1 augment slot, so I’m not sure how good the healing returns are. I tried it on tobi kadachi dual blades (only 1 healing augment slotted) and it wasn’t all that noticeable to be honest.


Even with just the one augment, I find the health regen worth it. It’s tied to how much damage you do, so using a hammer or charge blade I see pretty massive returns. I don’t know if anyone’s really gone deep into it, but youtubers like Gaijin Hunter swear by health regen augments. But like everything, it depends on your playstyle, etc. I think everything is viable. Shit’s pretty well tuned.

On earplugs: I use them selectively. I def have an earplug set (with that bazel guts skill) for really troublesome monsters (like tempered deviljho). Stun resist is also another good one to cut down on the rage.

I like bouncing between raw damage, crit, and survivability sets. Gives me a number of different ways to tackle a tough monster, and plenty of things to chase/craft.


World was my first MH game and I’ve really been enjoying Generations. There are some adjustments but when it comes to fighting monsters that game still has it. I really like the look and style of World but it’s cool to have this other thing that’s a bit more colorful and not afraid to be goofy. Hopefully it does well and Capcom makes something just for Switch that combines the best of both, uh, worlds.


Finally killed Tempered Kirin today after my friend kept nagging me to join him for tempered elders. Was much easier than I expected, but I used a LBG with slicing ammo so I was able to play it relatively safe.

I also got quite a few nice decorations during my tempered investigation runs and I’m running a very nice setup right now - . I’m still on S&S but I should be able to switch to LS easily with this, which is my next goal as soon as I get an augment for it. I’ll probably also ditch the Dragonking’s eye patch in favor of Bazel’s helm so I won’t have to run 3x Earplugs jewel, and hopefully squeeze in a few other skills that way.


I started a second character on PS4 last night because I wanted to see all the female armor and give bows a try from the beginning. This was a stupid thing to do a few days before DQXI and Spider-man launch.


I also started a second character last night, this one in the PC version after a couple hundred charge blade hours on PS4. This one is a heavy bowgunner and wow those are some interesting default key bindings. I did some playing with it and I’m happy with it now but I keep pressing shift to run in battle and sheathing when I really don’t want to. That’ll be a hard habit to break.


I’ve always mained bowgunner in Monster Hunter, and I’ve been playing since Freedom Unite. I started with heavy bowgun and played that for a long time but ended up frustrated because I had a tough time with the poor mobility. Then one day I decided to try light bowgun (I think maybe during MH3U?)… and what a world of difference. I’ve been a light bowgunner ever since, and even though it doesn’t pack the same punch as heavy bowgun, at least I can stay alive. I mean, I do more damage overall because I spend far less time running away and repositioning. Oh, and I do more damage when I’m not dead too. ;)

It’s going to come down to what playstyle you’re more comfortable with though. I’d recommend playing around with both heavy and light bowgun just to see if one is more enjoyable for you. I never could get the hang of the bow, though.


Bow is pretty easy in World.


What is the difference between Monster Hunter World and Generations? Is World the better one to start with if I’ve never played any of them?

I’ll probably wait until I get home so I can play on PC, but there is always the Switch. Rather play on PC for the eye candy though.


Yes. World is more modern and a lot friendlier.

Generations is the previous game in the series, ported from 3DS to Switch. Generations has 3 times the content, but at much lower fidelity. It also lacks the more recent ‘quality of life’ additions.

Still a superb game mind you but sounds like you want the PC version of World. :)

Of course, for a new player it will be tough to go back to Generations once you sampled World. No such worry the other way around.




You could also try the demo on Switch. But I don’t think these games demo that well as they kind of only have part of the game loop, the fighting bit.


True statement, speaking as a MHW first player. I’m slowly making my way through the beginning of generations, and while a lot of the QOL stuff doesn’t bother me, the thing I’m having the most trouble with are the controls/camera. World just seems more…fluid.


Are you playing on Pro controller? I could see joy-con being way more finicky.

My copy is still in the post so I don’t know how it controls yet, but it could be worse… could be playing on the old single analog ‘stick’ 3DS, and trying to control the camera with left d-pad or touch screen… ;)


No pro controller here, playing mainly on the portable. I wanted it for my commute/lunch breaks. If I’m home, I’m playing world ; )

Camera feels verrrry floaty.


Have you tried changing the camera speed in the options?


I will now!

I’m pretty obtuse when it comes to fine-tuning in options. But that does sound like it could help.


In my case I think it actually helped to play World first. If you had handed me Generations a year ago I don’t know if I would have lasted five hours before moving on to something else. World has some nice conveniences but the more I play Generations the more I’m seeing the similarities between the games instead of the differences. So for me World was a nice way to understand what Monster Hunter is about and now I’m really happy I’ve got this portable version that has an incredible amount of content.

And there so many things in Generations that are not in World that have been really cool to discover. You kind of have to be ok with playing what is essentially a 3DS game that included a good bit of reused PSP assets, but the combat is really solid and after a while all of that other stuff goes away and it’s me and Rathalos duking it out.