Monster Hunter World!!!!!


With all of the hype going on, I have started trying out the heavy bowgun.

Boy is it fun.


So I basically got permission from my sister to move ahead of her more while she is in India and the Philippines for two weeks. I explained to her that I could drop my weapons and my gear to her rank, and I will do exactly that, and basically be at her level again so we can make sure she’s progressing and I’m not carrying her. This also means I can dink around a bit waiting for her cut scenes to finish and she won’t ever have to wait for mine.

Of course my next one is Zorah, and I hate those quests.


I’ve been trying some other weapons now that I have access to high end gear and even though I’ve quite enjoyed Diablos Shatterer II (hammer) and the Exterminator’s Edge (Long Sword) the thing I realized when I played them is just how much I enjoy playing with the sword and shield. It really is the ultimate weapon, just like thecrap guide to Monster Hunter says. Slashing, bashing, extremely easy access to mounting, good KO damage (when solo), free hand, excellent mobility and sheath speed, great responsiveness, guarding ability. If it had a little more reach it would be absolutely perfect.


I’ve never enjoyed those types of quests in any of the games, but god are the Zorah ones especially tedious. Lemme know if you want any help, doing them coop cannot eliminate the suffering, but it does lessen it.


I’d love some company. I prefer this game with others. I only do the solo stuff because of the stupid cutscenes and to judge if my gear is up to snuff.

The lower number of PC players on the game is really felt. I search for flares at my rank and there are so few.


That’s gotta be a networking issue on their end, I would think? There were 219,000 concurrent players online earlier today.

I had no issues with getting groups of 4 until yesterday evening, I think it was. Now I can barely find anyone.


Must be. I gave up on using SOS flares in low rank because it never works.


It’s not a connection. I am in sessions all the time. the Low Ranks, like really low, talking HR 3-5. There aren’t many. It’s not a connection issue. The players seem to be moving as a mass. It was better… spaced on PS4.


Lower number? I mean sure it’s not day 1 numbers but it’s still hitting 200k + (4th on steam concurrent charts), so I doubt it’s a lack of playes that’s causing it.


I don’t know what tell you. when I searched for quests on PS4, when I still search… there are ton of em. When I do it on PC, 1 or 2… if that. That would also explain whey SweetJP isn’t getting any answers on SOS, and neither was I.

That never happened on PS4. If I put a a flare up, it was only a matter of when not if someone showed up. I also bounce sessions trying to find people who actually post open quests.


I also have Zorah to do next and I’m dreading it.


So you’re what HR 5 then? I think that’s what Anjanth just gave me.


Yeah, HR 5 on PC. Just past Anjanath.


Geez it’s not that bad. The first time. :)


The Zorah levels are just not fun. I don’t enjoy them at all. I’ve done them too many times on PS4, and not really to get stuff so much as help others get theirs. ugh.


Oh my god Divine Slasher is amazing. And it only took about 2h in the arena with a friend to get it!


How do mkb players deal with items in this game? I’m having a hard time easily selecting and using weapons and just failed the first capture quest 3 times because I keep messing up the switch between traps and tranq bombs. I know there’s a controller/kb switch for the radial menu but that seems to just remove the radial entirely. I was hoping to using middle mouse button to bring that item wheel up but I guess that’s not possible?


When I search, I get very little, but if I shoot a flare up, I get people joining almost instantly. It’s weird.


I just scroll with the middle mouse button. It’s so quick I just eye ball it and have a general idea of where i put everything. I will admit I struggled with the controller items, so I use items a lot more on PC than I do on PS4.


The lance is sooo great. I just killed Tempered Nergi twice with it, no deaths. The best part about making this build however was when I realized I can simply slot in Sword and Shield and get a very versatile and durable spec.

edit: Oh, and Guard 5/5 is AMAZING. I’ll run it on all my shield builds, together with Earplugs 5/5. Attack Boost is overrated.