Monster Hunter World!!!!!


Middle mouse button is for selecting ammo types, though.


I use it to get to my potions, sling ammo… everything.


If you are using a bowgun you can only use the scroll wheel for ammo selection.


I guess I"m just weird. Never realized that the mouse wheel scrolls through items, I’ve been using the q + click method successfully. Never even thought to try the mouse wheel.


This is it - lance is now officially my favorite MHW weapon. Sorry Sword and Shield, you had a good run but I finally changed my mind after I took on a few Rathalos-family dragons and didn’t even have to use flash pods to dps them into oblivion. Upward thrust is AMAZING, especially on flying monsters or tall ones like Xeno Jiva. The fact that I was able to cram in pretty much every skill I wanted on this build and that I have a healing augment on my lance is just the icing on the cake. Amazing sustain and survivability, and chasing down monsters with the lance charge never gets old. Overall applied dps is amazing, no longer do I have to carefully pick my position, timing and even then risk getting smacked around if I get caught in the middle of the combo. With lance I can just get near and poke poke poke.

Here’s what I’m currently running -

Once I get an Iron Wall (Guard) decoration I’ll be able to swap some stuff around and add Critical Boost to the build.


Your post make me want to try more weapons. It’s not too late for me to change, but I kind of just stuck with what I liked on console.


I’m glad my posts are an inspiration to someone :). And stay tuned, I’m building a Gunlance right now because I got a few good decorations for it and from the videos I’ve seen it looks like I’ll have a lot of fun with it.


After trying Gunlance for a few hours yesterday I’ve come to the conclusion that the weapon simply isn’t for me. It has insane burst potential but the setup is too long and leaves you wide open to monster’s attacks. The shelling range is also more limited than I thought it would be. Overall, I find Lance much easier to use and apply damage when I want, not just when the stars align.

Up next for testing is a healing build with Vaal Hazak set. Stay tuned :).


I am very happy with myself for not fainting at my first attempt at Diablos, that was a hard battle and he has some really cheap moves and hit chains that brought me to a millimeter of life left.

I assume I’m getting towards the end of the story missions so I’m holding out on trying other weapons out until then, though maybe I won’t due to how satisfying I’m finding the hunting horn


You’re at the end of low rank, everything after Diablos is high rank. You’ve got a lot of game left :)


Funny to think about since I beat Diablos at the 25 hour mark


Okay, so we talked about not being able to find SOS flares earlier, and I have to say it’s definitely an issue with their matchmaking server. I never had problems finding people at my super low rank until one day I did, barely anything was available. All weekend it was back to finding oodles of flares again.

Well, this morning once more I couldn’t find anyone. I think there was one SOS total, that was it. I thought perhaps it was because it was the morning (albeit on a US holiday), so I just re-entered the SOS menu a few times from the bulletin board and what do you know, it’s like something came unstuck and there were tons of flares again. Haven’t had any issues today since.

Definitely think the lack of flares are hiccups on their end rather than a lower player count. I went from finding no one in my lowbie (HR4) range to having 8-9 flares per category to choose from, once it finally got unstuck.


It’s also possible there are multiple server instances and they’re not distributing players properly, so you can get the “unlucky” shard that only has high ranked players. I bring it up because if it’s true working around the problem might be as simple as restarting the game to hopefully get put on another shard, although if load times are like they are on PS4 maybe that’s not much of a workaround ;)


Here comes the pickle!! (on PC)


He really is kind of a PIA, but I guess it keeps you from getting too comfortable.


I love the pickle! Some of my favorite weapons too.


I’m trying to ween myself off Earplugs - by stacking defenses elewhere lol - Just ran Tempered Nergi a few times, wasn’t even close to dying.


With Deviljho out on the PC I’ve been trying out some of his weapons - namely the lance, because it’s what I’m ‘maining’ these days. Such a great weapon class, seriously. Anyway, the weapon itself is fantastic - sadly I had to ditch the Vaal set to fit in some more damage but I’m absolutely destroying my hunting targets. Yesterday I had a 4 minute 30 second tempered Nergigante kill, which isn’t too shabby - still far off from what speedrunners are doing but miles better than what I used to get.

Another weapon that I’ve crafted so far is the Deep Vero hunting horn. My first attempt with them left me completely cold but oh man, this weapon is the bomb. It comes with Attack and Defense XL songs and let me tell you that even going from ~460 defense to 550 I noticed a difference. Enough to make me switch from Nergigante’s horn (Desolation Overture) which comes with a nice Affinity L and Earplugs songs. Vero also hits like a ton of bricks, and it’s incredibly satisfying to bash monster’s head in with it. It’s far more fun to play with than Hammer in my opinion.


So I’ve done the popup Zoras quest (which makes the 2nd time I’ve done that final Zoras fight). Every time Nergigante comes down and I"m told to repel his attacks, I spent a stupid amount of time trying to navigate Zoras’ back to find him, and by the time I find him it goes “Good job hunters, Nergigante is gone!”. Do I even need to bother with him lol?


I have a sneaking suspicion from playing those missions a few times that what you do doesn’t really matter. The first time I did it, I didn’t get all the cores before Nergi showed up, and then I couldn’t find Nergi, and then I completed the mission anyway. The most recent time, I sped through all the cores then waited around for five minutes harvesting ore. It seems to be on a strict timer, which makes me wonder if I should just AFK at the beginning of it.