Monster Hunter World!!!!!


I like the the Improved Steel line that often has poison on it. I find that useful for longer fights or ones where a guest keeps interrupting. The Jagras line for the exhaust. I hear that is not super useful for solo fights later but with a partner or a group getting that monster to just sort of sit there is often fun. And then the Madness Axe, the water one because the fire monsters need to feel the power of water.

I enjoy switching weapons, using a tool for the trade kind of approach. I can see where someone might say though, this is the only hammer you need always too though.


Oh man, Switch axe is FUN! I’ll have to find a way to fit evade extender in. Does anyone know the exact values for each rank, @Scott_Dobros maybe? Best I can do atm is 2 ranks, but I’d have to resign myself to obsessively sharpen my weapon every minute because it would put me down to 2 handicraft, which is barely white area on the Terror Tyranis SA.


I love the versatility. I kind of want to try the hammer because my nephew uses that. Sadly he’s moved onto to generations. I am pleased he amuses himself with it though while we’re playing games he doesn’t want to play.


The moveset certainly is appealing. Wide sweeps that easily hit the weakspots as well as a very handy upward swing in axe mode which I liberally used in the Xeno’Jiva fight to do some damage to its belly/head. Overall damage also feels pretty good, I’m starting to hit the same times as with Long Sword/Hammer, both of which I have more practice with, so I think I can improve even further. For now I’m running Evade Extender 2 and it does feel much better than vanilla so I’d like to try 3 as well in a future build. One thing that I don’t quite get though is the move where you attach yourself to the monster and start pumping phials (?) directly into it before the explosion. I attached myself to the Diablos’ head, he did its standard head sweep move and I got knocked off somehow, as if my hitbox was still in front of it.


It’s a sad thing for me to be in a group with one of the pole juimpers, because I love mounting them. I can break their head pieces with that end explosion too.


I was solo, that’s why I’m confused. There was nothing that could have knocked me off, because he didn’t hit a wall or anything with his attack.


I don’t think I’ve experienced that before unless you ran out of stamina?


Nope, nothing of the kind. I’ll see if I can replicate it at the next fight and maybe figure out why it happened.


When you mount the head or tails the monsters definitely try to slam you off into a wall or something to knock you down. Sometimes you can hit ctrl while in the air and grapple back on them.


That’s different, latching on to the enemy with the switchaxe doesn’t count as mount which is what you’re describing.


Wait what? It does for me. If you get on it’s head and it tries to slam you against a cliff, you hit ctrl or a different button on PS4 to stay on. You can even lasso back on or rope or whatever that is.


I mean the special attack that you can do anywhere on its body after you enter the amped state, by holding Y+B (xbox controller, I think it’s triangle and circle on ps4) and then mash Y once you’re attached. If the hit doesn’t connect you just empty the phials into air and still get damage if the monster is close enough. Are we talking about the same thing?


Oh that, yeah the blasty thing that you do after you rodeo the monster so long.


No, both mount and manual latch can do the blast. The one I’m describing attaches you when you initiate attack from the ground with an amped weapon, it’s not a mount. Are you saying I should be able to recover (with slinger) in this one too?


I had to go back to Hunting Horn. While the long sword is very nimble in attacking and dodging, swinging a giant hammer was more satisfying and the fact that my buffs allowed me to run faster while wielding and never bounce off of enemies sealed the deal.


We need to find a better method for earning crossover gear than doing the same arena quest 5-7 times in a row. Dante’s charge blade is pretty cool, though. I also like how the head armor doesn’t change your face into Dante but just gives you his hair.

Can’t wait for this stuff to get to PC, though. I’d much rather be playing it there.


No. I think misunderstood. There’s no lock, if that is what you call it, when you’re on the ground. I usually wait until I am sure the beastie is stationary for a little bit to initiate that.


The new mouse controls are great!


There’s two versions of that Switch Axe attack. The non-amped version doesn’t lock, the amped version locks and mounts (but isn’t a mount for mechanic purposes). I’ve noticed the amped version is vulnerable at the beginning as well, and monsters can definitely send you flying before you’re braced and discharging.


I’m working my way through the game rather slowly, because I’m not wanting to fully outpace friends… just get far enough ahead so that all the “you can’t join your friend until they’ve watched the cutscene!” doesn’t become overbearing. Is there any way to get around this when you’re just wanting to coop through the game with a friend or two? Had a really frustrating session last night where my friend was trying to find the camp in Coral Highlands and was struggling. I really just wanted to join his expedition and lead him there, but I couldn’t until he saw the cutscenes. And he doesn’t get the final cutscene until he finds the camp. He only had an hour or so to play and most of it was wasted on that, so he’s understandably a little frustrated with the game at the moment.

Anyway, I had just recently switched to Gunlance to give that a try and while I like it, I really struggled against Diablos. Bad luck that he was one of my first encounters with a new weapon, but I also fought him once more a little bit later when I at least had passing familiarity with the weapon and still really struggled. When he tunnels/charges you, what is the solution for lance weapons? The shield doesn’t seem to help (understandably) but I don’t find I can hop-step out of the way fast enough. I also don’t have enough time to sheathe and roll.

I’m still learning the ropes of the weapon and going from Insect Glaive to the lance has been a rather dramatic adjustment, so I realize I just suck. I’m just asking for help not-sucking so much on Diablos with this particular weapon. I’m curious how much is my skill level vs a bad matchup for that particular weapon.