Monster Hunter World!!!!!


There’s really not, but the cut-scenes lessen by quite a lot later. When you start first playing, it feels like cut-scene city, and then you’re like dear god, it happens all the time… but later you spend more time “farming” or as some call it “grinding” and there aren’t any cutscenes then. I find the grinding to be fun, but yeah the cut-scene coop problem is my number one grip with the game because of the way it destroys the coop experience. Number two is the way they do the dang sessions in the first place.

I haven’t used the Gunlance myself so no advice there, but I doubt you actually suck if you’ve made it to Diablos mostly on your own you’ve got to have some skillset there. For the low rank stuff, I’d say Diablos is kind high up there in the ability to take people out. I mean it can happen with any monster but there are certain ones that challenge, and in my PS4 run through, Diablos took out several, me included, at least once.

Now I am no expert, and I am sure the ones claiming MHW is too easy would just, well they want what they want, but there are several that I rarely see anyone fall and Diablos is not one of them, low rank.


My fastest solo cap yet. Was using my standard shrooms build with Bazelhawk Rookslayer dual blades, so nothing special dps wise. I did have some help from Bazel himself though lol.


Sadly I do not. Have zero experience with evade extender.


Still creeping along. I made it to the pink rathian and it… did not go well for me.


The bad news: Monster Hunter is acting up again for me after the latest update, and I’m finding myself getting disconnected in the middle of quests, barely finding any SOS flares, etc.

The good news: I dropped the Pink Rathian, and due to the above I solo’d it (I primarily play this as a MP experience). It took me a few tries, but it was pretty satisfying figuring its moves out and finally being able to take it down.


I plan to play some this weekend. I hope I don’t run into this. I prefer the game MP!


Yeah, me too! The game really shines in multiplayer. Such a fun coop experience!


Opposite for me :(. While I greatly enjoyed cooping for tempered elders a while ago I’m finding it much easier to speedily run through tempered t2 investigations solo. Groups easily double the time it takes to finish most runs (from 3-4 to 6-7 minutes), not to mention increased KO thresholds and monsters jumping from target, which makes it very annoying to unload the combos. Double so if you rely on them, like the Longsword. Odogaron is particularly annoying for this, his default speed is squirrel on 10 cups of coffee and in group that is amplified times 5, easily.


I’m not really looking for maximizing efficiency or speed runs. Playing with a friend and some randoms is fun for me for some of the reasons you mentioned! I find it makes things even less predictable and more dynamic.


I switched from charge blade to insect glaive, and it honestly feels like cheating. Being able to jump all over the battlefield lets me dodge everything easily. I can send my kinsect out for free hits that sometimes just put the monster to sleep. I can mount monsters all day long. It’s a blast.


Haha, yeah. Switching from the Insect Glaive to Gunlance was, uh… a bit of an adjustment for me. :)

Absolutely hated the Gunlance at first, but I love the shield now.


I’m also simultaneously playing Generations Ultimate on the Switch. Trying to play charge blade on both was a nightmare when switching back and forth, so I made an effort to always be playing different weapons on each.

The problem is that now I want to play insect glaive on MHGU too!


I’ve thought about picking up MHGU on the Switch but I’ve been worried about it completely screwing up my muscle memory in Monster Hunter World. I don’t do a lot of gaming on gamepads so I struggle with the controls already, I don’t know if I can handle something else screwing up my brain (not to mention how X/Y A/B are swapped between the Xbox controller and the Switch).


I don’t understand the appeal of Glaive, I really don’t. I tried really hard to like because I read how it’s a very responsive and mobile weapon but I found it super clunky to use, and that’s without even factoring in the kinsect buffs. The moveset is just…ugh. The first time I used it it took me nearly 30s before I zeroed in on the range to kill a single Gajalaka, the spacing felt completely off and at odds with the other weapons I’ve tried.


I don’t find the basic controls too difficult to adjust to, even when going directly from one to another. The controls are generally mapped to the same “spot,” even if the buttons are different. So, your topmost face button (whether that’s Y or X) does the basic attack in both, the rightmost face button (B or A) does the same thing, and so on.

The exception is with the right shoulder buttons. MHW maps some things to the bumper and some to the trigger. In MHGU, all of those things are done with the bumper and change based on context. That occasionally throws me off, but I’ve never died because of it.

Aside from that, the only thing that really trips me up is some of the fluidity of the movement from MHW. In MHGU, you can almost never change your facing mid-attack, even a little bit. You have to stand in place to use items. You can’t really cancel out of animations. The lack of fluidity does affect my positioning and timing, which is why I just can’t use the same weapon in both at the same time.

That said, I have yet to fight a monster in MHGU that also exists in MHW. So it’s possible that some of my habits about monster attacks from MHW are going to screw me. But so far, I’ve been able to manage okay.


I don’t know how you would ever use that weapon without factoring in the kinsect buffs. To me that kind of sounds like trying to use a weapon with a charge but avoiding ever using the charge. It’s key to the weapon and one of the reasons I don’t use it. You gotta get those buffs going.


I know, I meant that the weapon was super annoying to use before I even factored in Kinsects. That pushed it firmly to the top of my ‘forget this weapon exists’ list.


Got it. Yeah. I find it requires too much work to use and that’s before you factor in the monsters and the environment or anyone else you’re playing with. Those players are fun to watch though! The ones that are into it, they’re like flying squirrels… all over the place.


Yeah. It’s not perfect but mhgu has an option to swap the bumper and triggers. Still not 100% the same as world but it feels a lot better to me. I also play CB in both.



PC is finally getting some essential event quests with the upcoming autumn festival (starting oct 4). Get that wyvern ignition impact even if you don’t have any interest in great sword. One day you may, and boy what a weapon…it’s the best GS hand’s down, and one of the (if not THE) coolest looking weapons in the game.

Quest is called: Every Hunter’s Dream. Aptly titled! You’ll have to run it like 5 times, but it’s easy peasy.

Been ping-ponging between MHW on PS4 and MHGU on the switch, but I think I’m going to start spending more time on PC. Super psyched the PC version is starting to get some of that sweet DLC.