Monster Hunter World!!!!!


Lance is a lot easier for beginners imo. But LS >>>> all.


There is only one right answer…GS!


The Charged Blade is definitely NOT a starter weapon, but it is of course the one I picked because it looked cool… and turns out I loved the thing =) I think a new player can learn the basics on just about any of the weapons, except maybe that buggy staff =) This was my first monster hunter too. The biggest thing is getting used to the cadence of the game. If you get that, you can be successful with any weapon.


I haven’t played this more than a couple hours, but I have decided all the weapons I want to try after researching which ones are most stylish. I’m going to check out the Longsword real quick, then the Switch Axe, do the Dante quest for a Charge Blade, and finally the Insect Glaive for all that wacky maneuverability.

Looking forward to it! But so many games to play right now!


I’m Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter World (though I plan on trying the Bow too), and Switch Axe in MHGU. Fun fun fun.


I would also recommend the Longsword as good for beginners, it has some good mechanics, it isn’t too complicated, and has good damage output and maneuverability.

Once you have that mastered, move on to the Greatsword, it is so much more satisfying to use than the Longsword, but is a lot more reliant on your knowledge of a monster to create the correct spacing and timing to get hits in.


Very baby MH player here - new to the whole series, but son bought MHW within a week or two of having gotten MHGU on the Switch cause he’s insane. So had to dive in. In my very very newbie state, I’m kinda surprised by suggestions of GS/LS/Lance over SnS/dual blades. The latter seem much more ‘responsive’ and ‘button mashy’, whereas the former seem like they require some monster knowledge, and knowledge of how to approach the game. GS in particular seems like it would be an instant turn-off for someone new to the series and doesn’t understand that the game isn’t a run of the mill hack-and-slash.


Yeah great sword is terrible for new players as you have to be able to predict what a monster will do to make any use of it (which obviously new players can’t do, hell I’m not even confident I could do it well enough).

Long swords felt pretty responsive to me as you have very quick slashes and lots of dodging ability though.


I had never played a Monster Hunter game or Dark Souls game before MHW, and I started with the Longsword without any issues. I didn’t like how mashy the dual blades seemed, and the S&S felt too slow.

Longsword has a lot of maneuverability, so I feel like it made the battles easier to learn, as you can just dance around the monster a bit to learn the moves, and then find openings for combos. I think that LS is very newbie friendly.

But also, remember, that the LS will interrupt combos of other players, so don’t be an idiot during teamfights. The LS person’s job is to cut off tails and other body parts, because they have the reach and slashing damage.


Have you guys actually had any problems with online players. I ask because I’ve seen a few that aren’t great and no one seems to care that much. I’ve seen a few people say sorry but no rage quitting no people joining a quest and quitting because someone who screwed up in the last quest is there… it seems very cordial, maybe slightly more chatter in PC than PS4.


I haven’t had any negative experiences at all.


Yeah, Great Sword is not really newbie friendly, but it is a particlarly badass weapon. Plus it’s a giant sword!

I suggest either Longsword or Dual Blades for new players. I actually think Longsword is better since it is less mashy, which is a bad abit to learn in MH.


If people are on PS4 and want someone to play with, especially if you are new and want some explanations let me know. I’m “merryprankster” on PSN as well.


Me either. It almost makes me reconsider my typical don’t play with strangers approach to most games… heck I play more with strangers than people I know.

The reason I brought it up is I don’t think anyone should be afraid to experiment with the weapons. By the time you’re in the really high rank big team really matter fights, you’ll be better at it.

This is probably the first group game I’ve been in where it was identifiable how much our group screwed up and then the same group tried again, no bitching, no blame just hey, we all need this quest, try again. I kind of wish on failed quests they had that as a real option, try again, same group.


I think the MH culture is an exception in that regard, and I’m not really sure why. I’ve really been surprised at the lack of toxicity. While it helps that it’s a co-op game, I still see plenty of toxic behavior in other PVE experiences so I’m not sure why this game seems to be different.

Either way, it’s been great. I vastly prefer playing this game with others than solo, so I’m glad I can play with randoms and enjoy myself. It’s a rarity in gaming.


Had my heart set on SnS (so few games have this playstyle that aren’t also “tank” oriented, like in MMOs), but I’ll keep LS in mind now…


Don’t give up too soon. The one thing I prefer about SnS is it has a charge attack.

Question: can someone run me through the Dante mission or do I have to be the minimum level (14) to join it?


Well, ultimately play what you want and over the years I’ve seen specialists with just about every weapon do really well . That said SnS tends to lack the needed punch later in the game. Plus I feel like it teaches bad “mashy” habits wich will ulitmately hurt you in learning to play MH.


SnS and dual blades are kinda hard because they require specific combos to move around and are vulnerable… lance is a lot more forgiving. GS teaches you to go slow on monsters, although it is hard.


If you have the patience it’s well worth checking out Gaijin Hunter’s youtube video tutorials on weapons. They usually bring a lot of insight to the table that’s not obvious from their training.