Monster Hunter World!!!!!


I’m curious about weapons. I started with sword and shield, and somehow figured out how to jump on monsters with it, but I don’t recall any of that mentioned in the training room, although I noticed it first attacking the big vertical log. I kind of want to try some other weapons, but I don’t really want to give up my ability to jump on a big ugly head. Is there any in-game information on how to trigger that type of attack on a weapon? Or is it just youtube videos?


The insect glaive is built for jumping on things, and even the training area information makes it clear how to get airborne for that one.


If you want to ride the monsters like bulls, then yeah, the glaive is the way to go… however, you can ride them using any melee weapon; you just have to use the terrain to your advantage to do it. I ride them all the time. It’s fun!


There are two weapons that you can use to mount without relying on the terrain: the Insect Glaive and the Sword and Shield. Though there might be some other - I don’t remember if the Helm Breaker move in Longsword can do mount damage (but I don’t think it can), and I haven’t tried Dual Blades, so I don’t know if those have such a move.

Speaking of weapons, I have a new favorite one! @Bateau hinted that I should try the Lance. I did and it didn’t do much for me. But then I tried Gunlance, and I’m mesmerized by it. It is quite versatile, it has a good variety of possible combos and approaches, and it’s kind of awesome to not have to jump all around the place because you can just put up the shield and be unflinched by a light Barroth charge. It’s kind of sad to see how little monsters can do to you. I hunted a Tzitzi-Ya-Ku and it felt so helpless against the might of my Gunlance.

I took the Gunlance through several High and Low Rank quests yesterday, single and multiplayer, and I’m having tons of fun - possibly the most I’ve had so far in the game. I might have found my main, though I’ll have to use it a bit more to be sure. ;)


Complementing my earlier post: I’d recommend the “Monster Hunter World Weapon Tips” series by Rurikhan. It’s the most informative I’ve found anywhere, and the guy IMO kind of sounds like @BrianRubin , which is a huge plus in my book. ;)


Every time this game gets discounted, I feel the urge to pick it up. Then I look at Assassin’s Creed Odyssey sitting in my library with only 16 hours played, and remember that I don’t have enough time nowadays to pump into these kind of games. Sigh.


Hah, thanks!


The Lance’s charging jump thrust does mounting damage too.


Ah, cool! Good to know. Thanks.


Thanks for the responses, guys/gals!

It didn’t actually occur to me that you can use terrain to mount (even though I’ve done this by accident on a couple of occasions).


There are two ways to use the terrain to mount. One is the same for all weapons - if you reach a ledge running, you’ll jump from it. Aerial attacks usually have mount damage. The second is true of some weapons: when sliding (triggered by running in a slope), some weapons give you jumping attacks that also do mount damage. Maybe even most of all of them. I don’t know.


I thought this was all the Melees. I do the slide attack, the jump attack, the mushroom bounce attack… It was a big selling point of this game, not just using the terrain for mounting but also traps and stunning. They kind of made it a big deal. I don’t use a lot of weapons, so I just assumed it was almost universal.


Maybe it is. It probably is. I’m just not sure.


These both ended up being pretty much exactly my experience, for the record, so I wanted to say thanks to both of you for the advice. I’m really enjoying the game now, but that initial few hours is rough.


I missed this quote originally.

So roughly how many fights would I have in 60 hours of gameplay? About 60? If that’s the case and I want to try 4 weapons, maybe I should give them 15 fights each.

Still not enough but it might help see more of the depth.

Alternatively, I could return to weapons later once I’ve built up general gameplay ability. Just thinking out loud.


Gotta factor in what feels like 20 hours of forced cutscenes at the start. ;)


So, I haven’t talked about my latest exploits. I think I’ll main Gunlance now. It’s a fantastic weapon that I feel should be more popular.

As for ranged weapons, I experimented a bit with the Heavy Bowgun. I really, really like the fact that it allows for a shield, and for that it would a perfect fit for the Gunlance, but I play with the Bow a lot better, so we’ll see.

Also, I had the most epic mission this weekend. Responding to a SOS Flare, there I go to face a high-rank “That’s How Revolts Start”: Diablos and Black Diablos. While we’re fighting them, Bazelgeuse appears, carpet-bombing the hell of everything. Two players dropped out in the middle of the fight, and then a Deviljho appeared. It was chaotic (Deviljho beat the crap out of both Diablos, so I guess it kind of helped) but in the end, after 2 faints and with only one left, I and the other guy left in the mission somehow managed to kill the Diablos and capture the Black Diablos. So many epic moments in that fight. I was playing with the Bow; I don’t know how it would have gone with the Gunlance, but it would be more tense, I suppose.

Now I’m doing event missions (“Code Red” mostly) to craft Dante’s Charge Blade, and then try Charge Blade again, now that I have a little more experience with melee and using shields. That should be interesting. ;)


I cannot answer this question because I cheated and used Youtube to discover some of the hidden traits and uses of my weapon. I will say that MHW doesn’t do a great job of explaining some pretty key features of each of the weapon types and that is a shame. Majoring in Charged Blade, there just wasn’t any way I was going to discover all the cool Charge Blade stuff by accident or exploration. Some of it is just impossible to discover by accident, and the tutorial screen doesn’t really help. MHW in general could do a better job of explaining the coolness bits of weapons.

Fortunately there’s Arekkz, so…


I love the gunlance, it’s the one I’ve played the most so far.


quick question: so, how das multiplayer work?
bonus question: is this game somehow comparable to Dark Souls boss battles with coop?