Monster Hunter World!!!!!


You can leave town on a mission with friends, or when you’re out in the field you can send up a SOS flare and randoms can join. You can also join others in the same way.

Dark Souls boss battles are about being stuck in an arena and learning the mechanics. MHW is about hunting down a monster across an open landscape and learning how to take down a particular monster. There are similarities but I find them to be very different.


I loved helping others in Dark Souls over the O&S bump, looking forward to a similar experience, coop’ing with others … just bought a MH:W key, looking forward to something less depressing than DS ;)


I don’t usually like multiplayer, but I love MHW multiplayer. Most of my game time last week was spent going into low-rank quests/events to help other people, because I love doing that. I almost never fire flares myself, but I respond to SOS flares all the time, and I’m loving it.


Nice, hope you enjoy it! If you hate stuff like unskippable cutscenes like me, just be patient for the first little bit. It significantly eases up once you’re in the “meat” of the game.


yeah, thats something I really enjoy in DS … almost no cutscenes, just you and the game (world)


Double tempered Bazel has you covered!


This is me too. I usually do the intro quest to a monster solo, and then I spend the rest of my time responding to SOS or listed quests.


I always fired sos on easy t2 tempered targets (like odogaron), especially if rewards were good. Sharing is caring!


The Gala tuxedo is my favoriteist armor ever. I look awesome, and I’ve won more Greater Jagras fights with it on that I ever have before. Because clearly fashion intimidates monsters.


OK, so, high rank newbie question: what’s “tempered?” I see this referenced in a lot of chatter about the game but see no indication of it in the game itself. Is the high rank version of a monster “tempered” or are these two different things?

I won my first Diablos fight with it, I like to think I blinded him with style.


Different. Don’t worry, it’ll be explained when it becomes relevant.


Got it.

So there’s the low rank version of a critter, the high rank version, and then various flavors of tempered. That’s clear enough.


Is the current event the only time you will be able to get the appreciation tickets, or will you be able to get them later during other events (e.g., is it possible to get winter tickets right now?)


So, I’m back to the very first weapon I played in MHW, and loving it now: the Insect Glaive. I had a terrible time with it starting up. But, as I suspected, it is a weapon that’s better used (and understood) once you have some significant experience with the game, because it shines bright now. I’m having tons of fun with it, and a much easier time than with any other melee weapon at this point, though I mostly played MP with it so far. Gotta check later for sure how it plays solo.


I’m not really excited by the Switch Axe so far. It looks kind of cool to get a nice flowing combo going. That’s about it.


Okay. So as I said the Gala tux is fabulous. But I just unlocked the Brigade layered armor. Kirin basically didn’t know how to handle the awesome and just turned himself to glue. I pretty much look like Aramis (but older/grey hair) from the Disney 3 Musketeers movie. This is a good thing.

There is a ton of janky armor in the game, but when they nail a design, they nail it.


In addition to my question above, I also have a question about multiplayer etiquette regarding capturing. If I’m responding to someone else’s SOS, should I be letting host decide whether or not they want to capture the monster? I’ve been capturing whenever possible because that’s what I do in single player, but I’ve never once seen anyone else in multiplayer try to capture (granted, I tried multiplayer for the first time this weekend, so the sample size is about 10).


In its latest financial results, Capcom confirmed that Monster Hunter World was a phenomenal success in the previous fiscal year, and continued to maintain popularity also thanks to the strong performance of the Steam version (They didn’t comment on the 30% cut Steam takes from them however -k). The game sales now exceed 11 million units, according to the publisher.

Monster Hunter World was my 2018 #1 GOTY in the Quarterlies, and it looks like I’m not alone in loving the darned old thing. 11,000,000+ units sold. That’s a lot of dead dinosaurs.

So much looking forward to the Iceborne expansion this year.


That’s a funny aside, “They didn’t comment on the 30% cut Steam takes from them however”. 30% is the standard across all platforms, isn’t it?

Awesome news that it did well on PC and sold 11 million units, though! This is my first Monster Hunter, and I’ve loved it.


I forgot to edit in the fact I added that. Epic only takes 0.5% or something.