Monster Hunter World!!!!!


Oh, thanks! I was bewildered for a second why that would even come up. :)


Great news! I hope Capcom treats PC as a valid platform and eyes it for more releases, especially for MHW, in the future. I really want to look forward to more with, ummm, fewer cut scene issues.


I’m still not sure what excessive cutscenes you all are talking about. I’m mostly annoyed at the silly Japanese-style videogame characters in those cutscenes. It’s too soon after Yakuza 0 for me.

I have a question about reaching a good stopping point.

Main quests

I just got the quest for the Legiana. I checked a list of quests and it sounds like I’m 6 quests away from entering high rank. Is this a good stopping point for a few months?

Or maybe a terrible stopping point since I’ll have to come back to an additional challenge! I guess I could always do easy expeditions to get back into the swing of things.


Well the ones have your friends standing around waiting for the cut scene to pass so they can join you on the quest, oh, and you have to get through that cut scene for as many friends as you have. They completely disrupt cooperative play. It has nothing to do with the quality of the scenes themselves.


High rank is when the game really takes off, honestly. You can stop there, but if you like challenge, it’s the perfect place to press on because it gets really serious really fast. ;)


Thanks. I do want a stopping point because DMC5 and Sekiro are approaching fast.

That’s a good time to move on from the Switch Axe too unless it can impress me soon. The limited movement in sword mode is a bit of a downer.


Oh yeah, good point. I’d say press on a little bit more to enter high rank and then stop. If you can. ;)

And yeah, preordered DMC 5 already. Really looking forward to it.


So, it seems I settled, weapon-wise: I had the most fun playing with Gunlance and Insect Glaive, so I’m “maining” those, so to speak. Certain monsters are better with one or the other (Insect Glaive makes Teostra a lot more manageable than any other weapon I’ve tried, for instance), but I love the two of them.

I thought I had settled on Bow for ranged, but fighting Teostra with a bow was incredibly frustrating last night. I want to give Heavy Bowgun another chance, but that will have to wait, since I’m having way too much fun with IG and GL right now. Ah, and I might use a Hunting Horn for MP every once in a while. We’ll see.

Of course, I haven’t tried all weapons yet - I played nothing of Dual Blades or Hammer or Lance yet. I’ll try them at some point, but I doubt they’ll make me change my mind.


Those are my two favorite as well! Did we just become best friends?!


As far as I know, we’ve always been! ;)


I’ve been tremendously pleased to find I can still function at high rank, I was very worried about that fabled difficulty spike. I guess I’ve just been proceeding with enough caution, and gearing well enough, that I didn’t really hit a speed bump there. Which is not to undercut your point, that HR Anjanath was a real son of a bitch.

I’m firmly bow main, the ability to stand back and read monster behaviors is a huge advantage AND a lot of fun and I like being able to choose exactly where I hit a monster. I dabble in the other ranged weapons, and when the melee urge strikes I break out the insect glaive for some rodeo fun.


Yeah, high rank is not a difficulty spike as much as it is “taking the training wheels off”. If you’re well trained, you won’t fall. If you aren’t, well, get ready for some bruises. ;)


If you’re suggesting that I might actually be competent, I’m not sure I’m prepared to accept that!


So, wow, Deviljho is terrifying (and unpronounceable). Just stood atop a cliff in the Coral Highlands and watched one absolutely wreck an HR Legiana I’d been hunting.

I will sheepishly admit that I followed the aforementioned Legiana back to its nest and captured it. First time I’ve ever felt bad for a monster in this game, really.


Yeah, first time I met a Deviljho was in an event(?) quest that required me to hunt a Diablos and a Black Diablos. We (it was in MP) were fighting both of them at once - super tense battle - and then the Deviljho appeared and proceeded to unceremoniously beat both Diablos into submission. It was terrifying to watch. We ended up completing the quest by basically avoiding the Deviljho and capturing both Diablos once they got weak enough. By that point we had only 1 faint left. I really didn’t think we would make it, but somehow we did.

Later I went into an optional mission (also in MP) to capture a Deviljho. That one was a lot smoother, and the Deviljho wasn’t nearly as terrifying. I actually thought the fight was easier than fighting a Black Diablos or a Teostra, but things would probably feel different if I were using an elemental build or something of the sort.


I did that same event last night and it was so much fun. It went nearly same as your experience. I was using a lance build with 5 levels of Guard and was able to tank almost every hit. I had only fought Diablos once before, in low rank and with a long sword, and hated that fight. Not sure if I’ll switch to lance for good now, but it was nice to be able to play like my typical Dark Souls strength/high-stability-shield build.


Uh oh.


If you don’t want major spoilers, but want to be prepared… just bring nullberries with you.


I never leave Astera without 'em. :)


You’ll be fine, then. Well, mostly. ;)