Monster Hunter World!!!!!


Spoiler alert


I’m choosing to believe that this episode is Witcher-canon.


Putting aside the bow and taking up the Hunter’s Knife and shield has turned the game around for me. Still reading through the thread here too. Great game.


I picked this up a few weeks ago on PS4 and was having so much fun I also picked up MHGU for the switch. I just finished reading this thread so I haven’t posted. I’ve been using charge blade as my main but dinking around with the other weapons. Nothing seems to have the sheer damage output and flexibility of the charge blade. I’m also still early on in the story - just recently opened up the coral region. Having fun building armor and upgrading a complement of charge blades.


Bow 4 Life!

Seriously though, glad you found something that worked for you. The game didn’t really clicked for me til I stopped trying to play it with melee weapons, I can easily see how someone might have the reverse path!


After bringing down a high rank Rathalos today I got to thinking, how the hell do melee players deal with a monster like that? I mean, seriously? I’m a bow main and even when I dabble in melee it’s with the insect glaive, so I’ve always got a way to deal with all the airborne stuff. Those of you that are glued to the ground, how is it even possible to fight these things?


Flashbugs mostly.


The SA has a good reach but mostly it’s the flash stuff and my kitty as well as using the environment to my advantage. I carry gizmos with me to help bring down fliers.


Heh. My Palico is named Gizmo. After my doggy.


I’m very impressed with this Witcher event. New dialogue, new armor, new weapon, and the monster fight isn’t just some reskin of another monster. The Leshan fight is terrific!


Now that I have more understanding of the battle rhythm I will go back and try the bow again.


Well, if not using flash pods, you wait until it is in a position you can attack. I’m now quite experienced in hunting Rathians with my Hunting Horn. Wait, hit them in the head, they land, go crazy. They fly, wait for an opening, hit them in the head, repeat.

Now, Teostra is a different thing. It’s one of the most difficult to hunt, for me. And I hear Lunastra is even worse, so there’s that.


Wow. Is there some way to get those on demand? Surely there aren’t enough in the environment.

Now you’ve got me wondering about all the things I don’t know/use because I’m usually using a ranged weapon.


You can take flashbugs with you (in the pouch) and craft flash pods on the field.


Flash bugs are not flash flies, I just got that. I actually have an inventory full of flash pods, I just forgot all about 'em. I should be bringing those. I may not need them to ground fliers but they’re obviously still super-useful.


I also want to mention that my SA, and a couple of other melee weapons, have a pretty good reach too, and I do like to concentrate on wings when I fight a flier to break them. It is oddly satisfying to see them try to fly and then not be able to too well.


Yeah, technically they’re “Pods” or whatever, but I just call em bugs, that’s my bad.
Though a cat can drop the actual bug cages as well which can help against something like Rathalos who almost never lands.


I guess that’s one major advantage of the melee weapons being preposterously huge! :)

But yeah, I look back on my early days playing dual blades and can’t imagine having to deal with all this flier-management business. Better to just shoot the bastard out of the air!


Full Monster Hunter World soundtrack is now on Spotify (not on all regions though):

Favorite track: 華やかなりし日々 〜 特等マイハウス (AKA the theme that plays in your fully upgraded house)


Does the soundtrack come with harp kitties? Because if not, no sale.