Monster Hunter World!!!!!


Take flash bugs with you, you can craft more in the field.

This strikes me as being similar to all those “OMG XCOM RNG cheats!” claims. People get frustrated and would rather blame the game than random chance.


On my first or second high rank mission I ran into Bazelgeuse. I was under the impression that was the ??? monster I was hunting.

I thought the game was crazy to expect me to be able to kill that thing!


I started carrying Dung pods just for him.


Hah, just wait until you get to the HR 29 cap. ;)

Also, relevant:


Dung pods have so very many uses - they let you pick where you fight a monster by forcibly moving them from zone to zone.

Ironically, they’re not nearly as good at moving the ol’ B52 around, because something about his territorial logic lets him turn around much faster than other monsters. He’s specifically attracted to roars, and since most monsters won’t shut up when you’re fighting them…

Fantastic! Needs Deviljho though.


The roller coaster is shooting up again. I did some main quests that were a lot easier than that side quest. I really screwed up not keeping a good balance between the two.

I’m really enjoying the Charge Blade. It’s so cute that it has the same charge attack as Sword & Shield that I liked. My only complaint (aside from monsters moving out of the way of my discharge attack) is the lock-on camera tends to make that last hit somewhat unsatisfying. Usually the only thing I see is a lot of high damage numbers.

Maybe I’ll try playing unlocked.


Never ever play locked in MHW.


I found locked to be pretty awful, both console and PC. In theory it sounded great. In practice, it just got me killed.


I don’t think I ever used the lock. I might try it next time I’m doing aerial attacks with the Insect Glaive, because that’s the only instance that I can think of that the lock might somewhat improve.


This reminds me of a theory I have about how some people end up disliking a well-liked game because they happen to make a series of bad choices without knowing it (since they are new to the game). Kind of like picking a bad build in an RPG at no fault of their own.

If I had started with the Charge Blade, kept a better balance between optional and story quests, and played with an unlocked camera, would I be enjoying the game more? Probably! But I randomly made different decisions.

Anyway, just one of those things I think about when someone is struggling with one of my all-time favorite games. Back to smacking monsters.


I think the game starts you with a locked camera. I used to struggle with it a lot and then a friend told me to try going unlocked. This was the PS4, so I was worried about targeting. He convinced me to just try it and put all my worries about wild swings and being bale to keep the camera where I need it away.

I wish they didn’t start with the lock. I am sure they think it is helpful to knew folks, but that was not my experience.


Unlocked camera is a thumbs-up so far.

Random complaint: I’m kind of annoyed that they pronounce it Nergie-gante. In my head I figured it was Nerguh-gante, which sounds a lot more dignified for an elder dragon.


I say it with a hard G, since that’s the pronounciation in Japanese (ネルギガンテ).



The hard G is fine, it’s what they do with the letter I.

It sounds like Fergie, which is not a good association for an elder dragon. In my head it sounded more like Nurgle, which is a positive association.


BTW, bringing a comment from the “play in the weekend” thread to here: I’d say that you are about 10-12 hours from finishing the story, if you get lucky with drops and upgrades. Liberal use of SOS flares when facing the Elder Dragons might help.


Should I farm for Nergigante armor before I try to tackle them?


It depends on a lot of things. Making sure your armor is upgraded with armor spheres should be enough if you’re good at recognizing patterns and whatnot (though be prepared for a few quest failed messages, especially if you go solo), but some weapons might require more armor skills than others, so YMMV.


I’d suggest Nergie armor for tacking the other Elder Dragons since you get a nice defense buff from that. It will make your life easier.


I’d suggest pushing ahead with the story until you fail the same fight a couple of times, and only start farming for better equipment at that point. (And specifically the right equipment for whatever fight becomes a blocker). The next few non-tempered elders are IMO easier than Nergigante, you’re likely to get past them with your current gear.


I’ll probably at least farm Diablos for the next Charge Blade in the tree. I like having an OP weapon. It makes the fights shorter just enough that the pacing seems correct for me.