Monster Slayers - a Deck Building Roguelike

As discussed in this thread. This is a game where you pick your character, take your premade deck and go into one of numerous dungeons, collecting cards, gear, and leveling up.

And it is glorious!

Anyway, as someone was saying in the other thread, rogues are really powerful. Almost too easy with lots of cheap cards and then playing a backstab. Or maybe I am just having a bit more luck this round.

Question: You can buy equipment in a dungeon, but you can’t equip it right away? Am I missing something? Seems like you should be able to equip new gear.

Yeah, there’s no way to equip mid dungeon. Would make a nice use for campfires, maybe?

Yeah, rogues are definitely op. My best run by far was my first as a rogue.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It’s really a blast. Played a ranger and a rogue so far. I enjoy the fact that even my deaths are making me stronger for future runs.

Everything about this game is right.

Doesn’t appear you can sell equipment in dungeons either.

Ditto on the thanks - this is pretty great, and had a discount on it which I think was because I owned other games from the same studio.

Yeah, Rogues are powerful, especially you can chain multiple dagger and backstab together, but I can’t get pass the 2nd dungeon with my rogue, maybe luck of the draw.

I found Cleric is really powerful as well, Cleric is kind weak at beginning, but the healing with high level attack/defense spells combine with damage causing gears are really helpful, now I’m onto the 3rd dungeon.

There is a sale for this game on Bundlestars, $6.88 (with SPRING10 code) and come with 2 previous games from the developer.

LOL, has anyone upgraded the exploding palm card you get from the monk? Hysterical.

Tell me more, tell me more. Did you get very far?

Are the classes very different? The monsters?

On a scale of 1 to Dream Quest, how good is it?

Beat the Harbinger last night with the Rogue. BY the end I was able to pull almost all of my deck and play it, although maybe there seems to be a bit of an “issue” with daggers where they seem to be giving back more AP than taking, so those are amazing. Chakrams are also great with rogues. I also took lots of AP from the weapons trainers, but upgrading (and copying) the backstab is pretty huge. Combos well with the bard’s “take another turn” ability. The “invulnerable for one turn” seems to be a lot more powerful than “15 block”, and “full heal” is pretty awesome, so not sure how the companions will shake out. It’s tricky to get an enemy to less than 5 health without killing it at higher levels - I had to eyeball “how much damage around will this backstab x3 do…”

Interested to see how the other classes compare.
Important note is that “banish” seems to mean that the card will disappear after using it this combat but will come back for the next combat, whereas “delete” means the card is gone forever.

Cool, thanks! Going to try this now. Huge fan of Dream Quest so hopefully it measures up.

The classes are very different to Dream Quest’s approach because, baring a few common cards, they don’t use the same deck. It’s a mechanic very different of Dream Quest (and it is a lot less demanding) as the whole game isn’t balanced around the cards and your task isn’t figuring the way each class interact with them, but more how you should be using the class’ deck. What is shared, though, are the special powers on cooldown, which were tied to classes before, and are choosable through the mechanics of companions. It’s a bit more “on rails” or even gasp “casual” if you will, compared to the illustrious inspiration.
it doesn’t prevent the game to be challenging and very addictive.

On my farthest yet, at level 10 and just killing the second boss with a wizard. I really can’t get rid of my crappy early cards quick enough. Too many hands I’ll have two 3 damage attacks showing up and it’s almost killing me on some fights.

How do you pick up a drop like a potion? I’ve tried both right and left clicking on it and it just takes me back to the map.

Are you wearing a piece of equipment that returns 1 AP when playing a support card? I have a glove that does that, and it’s phenomenal.

I have an interesting barbarian deck going right now. I have managed to acquire 3 versatility cards. Those, a focus, charge up, and a card sieve are letting me stack a fair bit of block. I just took out the second boss (only the second time I’ve managed that) and just swapped some gear so I now get 2 more block with each card played and do 1 damage to enemies for every point of damage blocked.

You mean the ones that drop after killing enemies if you have the perk? They get picked up automatically after selecting the next room. Look for the green healing text.

Yep. I did see that text but never understood where it came from. Thanks.

You can mitigate it the other way, by drawing more and more cards. 2 unlockable cards, located here on the top of the skill tree, make this a lot more easy to do.

[code] - - - - - - - - -

                • -[/code]
                  (you can unlock that far point by simply picking one or two of the bottom center skills)

One is upgradable, and let you draw 3 cards and discard one (which is insanely powerful if you got some of those cards that give huge bonus on discard, wink wink) at max power.

This is very cool so far. It’s not quite like Dream Quest but really scratches that itch. I’ve only done two runs so far (Wizard then Cleric) but looks great so far. I really like the permanent upgrade system.

It isn’t an issue: they give you 2 extra APs if you can afford the initial AP investment (which you should easily, anyway, as playing more and more daggers feed them). They are amazing, and make that card that give you 2 extra AP for 1AP look lame in comparison.