Monster Train or Deckbuilder: the ‘good parts’ version

That’ll probably be me next.

Is it a better idea to try to play a few games at base level before moving up?

Like StS, Ascension 1 is actually a bit easier than Ascension 0 so I wouldn’t recommend sticking around at 0.



PSA: I passed over the Wrathful version of the Hornbreaker Prince for a long time. I have even seen in a popular steam guide that he’s useless because he doesn’t scale well, but it isn’t always true.

If you are able to give him trample or multistrike, the fact that he gains armour after every kill (which he should be doing 1-4 times a round) and extra rage every time he gets damaged means it isn’t difficult to make him an unstoppable beast that can (with the right support) take down all of the bosses single-handedly.

Also, I just learnt that the limit for debuffs is 999, in case anyone has yet to encounter the hard limit.

Hehe, I am also making this kind of glorious progress! It reminds me of the learning “curve” for Eve Online. This thing . . . .

Also, here is the Monster Train version of Slay the Spire Snecko Oil. I am yet to use it . . . I shy away from adding more randomness to my decks. Has anyone majored with it for fun and profit?


. . . oh @belouski has already, good work sir!

Well, snekko eye was a good choice if you could put together a deck of really expensive cards as the average cost post-randomisation would be less than what you started with. I’ve not played this (but very much got my eye on it thanks to this thread - might even take the plunge today!) but would guess that holds true.

Yeah, I like to run low cost decks, so have a hard time envisioning using that.

Spent several runs today trying to do melting/umbra that ended in miserable failure. Flipped it to trample penumbra and won handily.

I am thinking of taking of high costs cards and using Stygian hero’s -1 or -2 ember reduction ability to become a huge powerhouse. Basically it’ll be centered around high cost cards and the +draw ability instead of increasing ember or room size. Don’t have a chance to try this out yet because I seldom start with the “Sneko” artifact =)

Snecko Eye was the highest win % relic in Slay the Spire. It seems good here as well, though you’ll definitely want to upgrade your energy to mitigate bad RNG.

The Stygian hero’s -1 Card cost reduces average cost per card to 0.5 and -2 reduces it to -1.5! It’s definitely OP. But yes without that hero, ember ugrades are must.

My goal of late, before I delve into Ascension, is to beat the game with every combination. So far that’s going well, and it’s a great way to unlock the cards/relics so that when I start playing with my favorite combinations on A1 and above, I’ll already have everything unlocked (in theory).

Volatile Gauge is just as good as Snecko Eye. It’s absurdly powerful. Spitballing, the only way I wouldn’t take it is if I were heavily invested in a thin, low-cost deck on circle 5 or later. “Reducing average card cost” is not the way to look at it. Instead, think about good turns vs bad turns when you have it. And think about how much higher the ceiling is.

Ha, as we were discussing this, I lucked out with the Volatile Gauge (Sneko Eye) on the 1st artifact pickup with a Stygian and Hellborne combo.

And early on I picked up an Inferno (100 dmg to both friendly and enemy units) which I added Holdover. And duplicated it twice. I ended up with Spell Weakness potion which I added Double Stack (x4 Spell Weakness).

With those 2 cards, I went through all the bosses before they got to the top floor. Seraph did not even reach relentless.

I took @MisterMourning’s recommendation and picked up 2 points of ember generation because I cant cast inferno on the level my Stygian hero is at to take advantage of his cost reduction bonus.

Was cake walk. The Consumer of Crowns (10 Ember cost Hero) was just decoration that can hit bosses if they float to my top floor where my units are stationed.

I think this combo can go up all the way to Covenant 25!


I wonder how the MT devs feel to know that many people are playing and loving their game but referring to all their cards and artifacts by the names of their Slay the Spire analogues, hah

I feel like if I took the concept of relics directly from a popular game and then copied exactly what those relics did and just changed the name and the artwork, I’d probably not be too offended when people drew the comparison.

Won’t do it. When I can have an important card at zero cost in my hand every turn, why would I want that?

Bad turns in this game can end your entire run.

Sure, Holdover on something zero-cost and awesome is also a reason to not take Volatile Gauge. But Holdover on something free and awesome is unusual (if certainly to be striven for).

I do that nearly every run with something. For instance, Gorge is a prime candidate if I’m playing umbra and don’t have as much morsel generation as I would like.

Finally got my first win with Hellhorned primary. Holdover 1 cost battering ram is nuts (had 3 Slots on spells) And holdover vent doing 26 damage to a row every turn when I had no energy was awesome.

My advice is to do this while climbing the ascension tiers. You don’t want to burn out on the game by winning the easiest difficulty over and over! If you reach a point where it’s getting too difficult you can always finish off all the combos on a lower ascension tier.