Monster Train or Deckbuilder: the ‘good parts’ version

I got an update, but only 111.7 MB, so figure it’s just a minor update. Maybe you missed the bigger one a few days ago and only just got it?

Wasn’t the one a few days ago just a handful of meg? 112mb seems like a significant size for this type of 2d game, so I was just wondering if it was a bigger patch than a few days ago.

EDIT: I just realised there’s a patch notes button in the main menu, I am used to games posting steam updates. Anyway, it looks like a handful of bug fixes and QOL improvements, nothing significant.

The most recent one was a revert to the Molluscmage fix.

What feelings are there about Umbra synergy with other factions?

When initially trialling Umbra as the support I found the morsel mechanic fiddly and complex. Then I started playing with the Umbra as the primary faction and love it. Win, lose or draw (okay, lose) I find myself entertained by the machinations of feeding morsels to monsters to make them well, more monstrous.

However a key part of the success appears to be the Gorge abilities that trigger on morsel munching, and no other faction unit has these. Educate me, what overpowered broken combos are out there?


Morsel master and morsel makes together will create 4 morsels each turn.

If you are lacking in morsel generation, find a Gorge Card (returns all eaten morsels to your hand) and slap holdover on it.

The Trample upgrade path for Penumbra is good, but make sure and get at least one space upgrade, since Trample III is size 6.

If you can get an overgorger early, don’t pass it up.

Umbra and Melting Remnant have some crazy synergy. Morsel munching counts as death and triggers Harvest and counts for spells that do damage based on friendly unit deaths

Just beat Cov9. Finally got frostbite to work for me. 🥶

Oh my . . . I wondered at this. That is indeed quite crazy. Now I must build a deck around it and onward to glorious justice victory!

I finally won on Covenant 3 with Umbra and Melting Remnant as my ally. The Wickless Baron is an absolute beast of a card is all I can say. On to Covenant 4.

I grab that one too when it’s available.

Yup. Just beat Cov10 with a Baron on bottom floor. He was mostly there for money generation, but I had made him pretty tanky. My deck wasn’t great, so the last fight was really tricky. Very satisfying to squeak my way through it. Had just enough spell weakness and the 90 dmg pyrebound spell.

Nice, I’m still covenant 4.

Doesn’t matter. I don’t really care. Just having a great time with it.

So how do you use the Wickless Baron to generate money? I know there’s another unit that generates 20 gold when it kills something but how does the the Baron unit do it?

My Baron was on the top floor as a last line of defense. When the final seraph boss got to him, he had multistrike with 112 damage per strike plus 129 health. Down she went.

Sorry, was thinking of the Wickless Tycoon, who has Harvest: 5 coins.

So, someone mentioned on the Steam MT forum how well Hellhorned Wrathful (+armor on Slay) works with spikes, which is never thought to try. Since I often struggle with that champ, I though, sure, why not. I start a Hellhorned/awoken run and naturally don’t get that upgrade path 🤣.

Thought about restarting the run, but I liked the initial draw and ended up playing it out and winning 😄 I did end up using spikes and armor, but mostly on the demon that gets +5 armor each turn. Ember drain nearly got the best of me that fight, but a permafrost pulley claw came in handy for getting rid of one of those guys

Yeah, I got a few of those Tycoons after I posted above. I hadn’t run into them quite yet. They have the same portrait as the Baron so it’s easy to get them confused.

I just finished winning a Cov4 run with Melting Remnants. I’ve now managed to win with every faction. I went with the Burning Bright path for the hero. By the last battle he came in with 160 health and damage. He was a lot more effective than I thought he’d be with the burnout handicap though he did flame out in a few of the battles, including the final one. Fortunately my other units picked up the slack there.

I think I’ll go back to Hellhorned for Cov5 since I won with them on Cov0. I’ll try your spikes strategy.

Yeah, burning bright is amazing if you can keep him alive

Anyone tried the Daily Challenges? I just did today’s challenge and lost because I made a stupid mistake on level 3. (Pro tip: remember the special “mutations” that apply to the entire run, sort of like artifacts for the enemy.) So I’m way down the leaderboard with a pretty dismal performance, but I’m still glad I tried it.

No, I haven’t yet. Keep forgetting it is a thing tbh, because I enjoy the main mode so much.

Tried again to do a wrathful/spikes run but didn’t get the option. This run ended up nuts. I started with two rage imps. Later added an energy imp. Then I got the Transcend-imp for the first time, which echoes all summon triggers that fight on a floor. Got endless on him. Then got the artifact that double triggers summon effects after a shop reroll. Duped a rage imp late for a total of three, so at that point, after set up, I was getting 8 energy and 18 rage every turn at a cost of 1 on my multistrike champion 😂

If you go that route you really need a card that can reform him.

I’ve Donte it with a couple of burnout buffs in your starting hand. But you have to be careful about letting your deck get too big.

Yeah, I’ve tried a couple! Some of the mutations are really crazy, which I like, but also I seem to suck at figuring out what they will do to a run, so I’ve always lost early. I’ve thought about running twice or more but that somehow seems like cheating, even though it isn’t.

I’m at cov 23 now and I keep forgetting how much harder the Seraph level is than anything else. The minions on there hit so freaking hard. I keep having promising runs die because I didnt quite plan well enough. Still having lots of fun!