Monster Train or Deckbuilder: the ‘good parts’ version

Lol.I can’t remember. It might’ve have been a transcendimp run.

But an early transcendimp allows me to take all the extra crystals without fear. Was it at covenant 25?

transcendimp? edit: answered my own question.

I suck at this game lol, still enjoying it though.

I just tried a Build with the Demon Queen, based around exploding imps. She can blow up imps after every turn. It was going well until I hit a boss with multi strike and 500hp.

@Hereafter this was not easy . . . took me about 20 runs! Your turn? :-P

I managed it using Melting Remnant as the primary, Hellhorned as the secondary, and my champion was the type that reformed 2 units every turn and added +damage to them.

Keys to high score were getting two of the Remnant units that give +5 gold per death on the floor fairly early, which gave lots of cash. I spent the shards up to 205, and this each shard point is worth 40 points at the end of the run. I had a trio of heavily buffed Draff units (they start at 2x10 attack, 5 health) that I was continually reforming, and Imps that applied 5 rage, and very late, picked up a Transcendimp. This combination let me apply 1000 damage+ to the Divinity per turn once it got rolling, and I got a 4 turn boss rush.

Also, this score required very stage to be perfect, no damage taken, every bonus taken, and every boss finished with at least a 3-turn rush.

I need a rest . . . . :-P

To be honest I don’t do score runs. I only go for win streaks. Do you want to try to beat my Convenant 25 win streak? :)

Edit: I’m also taking a couple of months off from videogames. A sabbatical if you will.

Awww man! Yeah, good challenge. Give me uh, six months in rehab first, then I might take a shot!

Hoping you have lots to enjoy during your sabbatical :-)

I won my very first run of Monster train with a score of 38,500. Definitely more forgiving than Slay.

You were playing tutorial mode. Try it on Covenant 1.

hehe, I think it is true that the initial challenge level of Monster Train is significantly below the challenge level of Slay the Spire, and there is an even bigger delta at the max Covenant vs max Ascension level.

There are people with a record of 50+ successive max Covenant runs in Monster Train, using random starts. I cannot imagine the same being possible with Slay the Spire. I have a decent share of wins against the Heart, but I failed more times than I succeeded against it, and failed within runs before reaching it quite often playing at max Ascension.

Love Slay, but prefer the Train for ‘fun’

Well, my next two runs have been failures on the final boss (Cov 1). The Awakened seem significantly weaker than the Hellhorned, at least at first.

The Prince is considered one of the worse heroes :). The Awaken is one of the top 3 race. They have a simple way to win. You have to work a little bit to stop any leaks early but winning with them boils down to this:

  1. Get a Sweeper
  2. Get some sort of scaling
  3. Multistrike on the Sweeper or Quick.

The hellhorned are much more forgiving early, and I think less dependant on unlocked cards. I had the same experience, and leaned on the hellhorned heavily for the first 10 covenants or so. But at the highed difficulties, where you need to invest in your uber-scaling strategy and basically nothing else, they fall a bit short.

See, I didn’t have that experience at all. I don’t do well with the prince either. To me, the awoken are more forgiving

Well, one thing’s for sure: I’ve put three hours into it since yesterday. Good game.

The top 3 in terms of strength are the Awoken, Hellhorned and Melting. Going full Imp or Armor buffing is incredibly strong, the problem is learning how not to lose the early game.

Yup, I doubt any deckbuilder will top this game in the near future.

Glad you are having fun with it. It remains my favorite deckbuilder.

Woo, Cov 1 win with my first Stygian(/Awoken) run. 41,410. Feel free to add me on Steam, I think I should be findable as Kolbex.

Little Fade seems completely broken. Think I got up to covenant 8 before suffering my first loss, and that may have just been bad RNG. Though I’m still trying to figure out which clan is the best complement to Melting. Feels like Awoken or Umbra, but I’m not sure.

Yeah she can solo or buff your squad to infinity. The only ‘hard’ part is choosing her right form when you start.

Four out of six runs have been victories so far. I am up to Cov 4 now. I am kind of obsessed with this game now. I have to force myself to stop playing it.

Welcome to the club!