Monsters' Den: Godfall - now on Kickstarter!

The list Coldsteel posted is correct, except for the three additional classes added as part of this update - Druid (Divine/Nature), Fanatic (Blades/Divine) and Illusionist (Arcana/Trickery). They’re unlocked by completing the campaign missions.

Can you explain why? That’s the part of the game I’m probably proudest of.

There are very many of them!

And I am finding it hard to cycle through all their stuff.

For example, several vendors sell the item that lets you strip your items of enchantments.

To do so however, I need to buy the de enchanter, then equip the item I want disenchanted, then apply the disenchanter, then use the now available enchantment on my new item, and then sell the old item.

That’s alot of steps for one piece of equipment.

And now multiply that by multiple pieces of equipment on multiple characters, which seems intended because minor enchantments (add + 1 to dexterity, for example) are very cheap and very plentiful.

Btw, is there a way to check the level of a party before you engage it?

I unlocked the location of a sweet magic staff, but the first party in that dungeon was led by a lvl 18 guy with 5 lvl 16 henchmen.

Also, is there a permadeath option?

I find that there doesn’t seem to be any real penalty to dying, some reputation loss only?

Also, I am floating what seems to be a tonne of resources.

However, I think that is due to me trying to farm experience, and maybe I should proceed with the story now?

You can skip some of those steps- you’re able to use enchantment items (or any items) directly from the shop.

The level of the enemies depends on the tier of the mission (which you can see under the mission title). Each additional tier adds three levels. If there’s a + sign after the tier, the mission will scale up to the party’s level if higher than the default mission level.

There isn’t a permadeath option in the campaign (there is in the new adventure mode) just an ironman setting.



Finished this a few days ago. Great game garin! Enjoyed the campaign story & mercenary company stuff. Those eidolon & legend battles were tough. Would’ve liked more space for relics :)

<3 retaliation chant.

Re: earlier posts,

There’s also the rogue class, available from the start.

Artifact missions are high level. Don’t take them for awhile - they all start off with a tough boss. Some make the game too easy. If I played again I would instead use more “Sparks of Legend” to turn my favorite stuff into level scaling equipment.

How does this compare to darkest dungeon and battle brothers. I found both of them frustrating and didn’t get very far. Will I hate this as well?

This is one is quite different from those. It’s not really a ‘rogue-like’ where punishing difficulty is a selling point. There are parts where the difficulty ramps up a bit, but that can usually be overcome with better planning (here’s hint: you have buff items, so you should use them).

I feel that Monster’s Den is less punishing than both of those.

Cool, I’ll give it a go.

First mission was a success. Challenge was fair all around. Hope I don’t hit a wall anytime soon.

I’m enjoying this, about 10 hours in. One thing I’d love to see, is all party members up on screen at once option when you are evaluating treasure/gear etc. Would be nice to just drag the loot to the right character without having to keep scrolling through them.

If I understand you correctly, you can do that. Drag items onto the portraits in the upper right.

That’s not an ideal solution IMO. The actual portraits aren’t that big, and it’s possible to wind up dragging to the wrong person. Plus, you can’t see what you are replacing when you do that. And you have to drag all the way over to the top right.

Further, when you have someone selected I don’t believe there is a way to equip an item just with a click is there (e.g. a shift-click or right-click or something)? I wish that existed too.

Ideally (IMO) it would be something like the four paper dolls would line up above in the inventory (or next to it somehow) and you could click one to make it active (for instant-eq hot swapping) but drag to any of the 4 at any time.

You can select characters with the 1-4 keys. Double-click will equip/use to the current character (ctrl-click will sell).

This stuff isn’t well-documented, sorry.

All the activity in this thread got me interested in Godfall again. Checking out the changes made to the game since I last played (over 18 months ago) only heightened my curiosity. Add to that the fact that my gaming time has been VERY limited the past few months, and likely will be for at least another few weeks, and Godfall can be played in small chunks without lessening the enjoyment factor and…WINNER.

I had to start over, as I couldn’t recall what I was doing 18 months ago or what my overall goals for that playthrough were. Not really a problem though, as there have been enough changes that it was worthwhile to start from scratch. I just rolled with the default squad to begin with, and have built them up to Level 7 while gaining Level 5 on the mercenary company. I build a Vault, Reliquary and Callstone for my keep. Trying to work Sentinels faction up now to nab the bonuses while taking on the main quests when I can.

On that note, I’m at the Standing Stones mission on the main quest line. I’m not sure I am ready for this yet, as I’ve tried twice and get to a third wave of enemies but end up wiped before I can defeat that wave. At first I thought maybe the waves just keep coming until you die, but when I wipe the mission is still there, so I assume there are a set number of waves?

That’s one of the tougher fights. Tried using buff potions?

If you odn’t have enough the emporium and random merchants sell them.

I think I did this last week. 3 waves iirc.

Is the centre front enemy always a big fat Orc?

It was a different enemy type the two times I attempted it. First try it was demonic enemies, and I went down in the second wave. Second time it was a mix of mostly undead enemy types, and I got to the third wave and had only two enemies left, but lost my cleric and my mage earlier in the round and the two enemies that were left were highly resistant to physical damage, so I could only chip away at them as they pounded my fighter and ranger.

I think I will gain another level or two on my characters, then buff their equipment a bit and use a couple of potions pre-battle, all of which should make finishing the third wave a lot easier.

I’m not positive, but I think the enemies scale to your level in that fight so grinding won’t help. I remember having a tough time with it the first game I played. I started a new game recently and got through it at a lower level than you are now, so I think they scale to your level or I just used more buff potions than you did. A cleric’s retaliatory chant helps a lot too.

Went back to Standing Stones at Level 8 (all characters) after upgrading some equipment (including adding enough set pieces to get the first set bonus on 3 of 4 party members) and used a couple of potions pre-battle. Went a lot easier this time around. Mission accomplished and I’m a couple of main story missions beyond it now.

Just hit Level 9 on both my party and the company. Took the company bonus for an extra supplies (4 vs. 3) for the free heal/chest unlock. Did some Sentinels missions and am now doing some Tier 3 Savantir Guard missions as I seem to have run out of Sentinels ones. It’s getting much harder to simply brute force through a battle, I now need to think more about the way spells and abilities combine and check enemy strengths and weaknesses to know what to exploit. Very cool.