Monsters' Den: Godfall - now on Kickstarter!


Um, Armando?!

And on topic to Garin, backed immediately. The previous game experiences have been good.


bummed I’m broke right now, loved the previous ones and would do beta in a heartbeat


Thanks guys, appreciate the support! Without the Kickstarter I can’t finish the game, and it seems likely I’d have to leave the industry altogether.


Something like RPS should be interested in your game, in case you haven’t contacted them for the exposure?


I have tried. I might give it another go in a couple of days.


This looks pretty cool and hits a lot of the stuff I like in games. Who needs international travel when you can take advantage of the strong USD from the comfort of your own home?!


The game was Greenlit today. Now I just need to get it funded!


Congrats on getting Greenlit Garin!


Don’t think I’ve ever played one of these, but it looks really cool. Jumped in at beta level. Good luck making it the rest of the way!


Never heard of these games before, either, but looking forward to it! Thanks for letting folks know about the Kickstarter.


Thanks to everyone who’s backed! Qt3 has been more than pulling its weight.

I’m finding it really hard to get much press interest. It’s an unsexy game, I suppose, and Kickstarter is hardly a novelty any more.

I guess I’ve been coddled by my time in the Flash portal world, where the games marketed themselves. In this climate, starting out now with no track record and no reputation must be truly terrifying.


Forgive the potentially silly question, but will Godfall be a traditional game through Steam? Any chance of an iOS version? This seems like exactly the kind of game I would like to have for playing when on the go. Also, is this one planned to be full screen?


Yeah, it’s headed to Steam. There’s support for multiple resolutions and full screen.

Porting to iOS is a “maybe later”. I’m focused on the PC version for now.


Between family (four kids) and work, I hardly ever play games anymore, but I really want this game to be made. Here’s hoping more backers step up.


I’ve posted a new update with a video that goes deeper into the features and mechanics of the game.


I spent many hours a couple years back playing Monsters’ Den : Chronicles during my lunch breaks at work. The very least I can do is spend the cost of a lunch to help fund the next game in the series, so…

…thank you Garin for all that fun, and in return Monsters’ Den : Godfall is now the very first Kickstarter project I have ever funded. Good luck with this project, and keep on making awesome games!


Now that I finally realize the dev’s on the forums, I can thank and/or blame him directly for the countless hours I sank into Monsters Den over the years. Already backed Godfall, even though I’m not really into dungeon crawlers anymore; figure I owe garin at least that much for all my lost productivity. ;) Best of luck!


Backed! Turned base disciples/Final Fantasy combat? I’m totally in! (I need to play something that I can pause/save anytime because family…)


That’s probably the best inventory screen I’ve ever seen. Genius.

Other companies should be lining up to buy that from you.


Thanks Tman. As I said in the video I’m unreasonably proud of it. But nobody will buy ideas, we all happily steal from each other.

I really appreciate the support of everyone here! The campaign is now 50% funded but we only have 10 days left. Let’s see if we can pull a rabbit out of the hat.