Monsters vs aliens

i was looking forward to this but it wasn’t as good as kung fu panda, which i really liked. not enough huge laughs, only a couple decent action scenes. the funniest parts were shown in the trailer. the golden gate bridge scene was cool. otherwise you can mostly guess what’s going to happen before it happens.

also, dr. cochroach should have done more macgyuver-esque invention building.

i saw the 3d version, which was neat and not too overwhelming.

I liked it. You’re right, it’s not Kung Fu Panda but I enjoyed it well enough. And the 3d stuff was fun.

I didn’t see Kung Fu Panda, but MvA made me laugh my ASS off. Really funny dialogue and character moments. The action was so-so, but the comedy more than carried the flick. And for once, the celebrity voice actors did a great job.

I highly recommend it.

“I think that jell-o gave me a fake phone number.”

Yep, every Seth Rogan line made me at least giggle. Maybe it was because I had watched Superbad the night before, though, so his voice was fresh on my brain.

I really liked it. My high bar for these is the Incredibles. Not that good, but close. Took my 8 year old and she dug it.

Ugh. Just freakin’ ugh. What a painfully unfunny soulless flat piece of utter dreck. I’m more convinced than ever that Dreamworks’ animated division makes products and not movies.


About the only animation division in the world that makes movies and not “products” is Pixar. And maybe those Japanese guys who get away with making their own visions.

That’s rough. I agree it was lacking in the funny. I did think it was entertaining, though. I think I am much more forgiving, however, in trying to enjoy what I am doing with the young 'un.

My almost-3-year-old enjoyed the heck out if it.

Okay, my wife and I only tend to catch animated films anymore, and one or two of the previews of this made it look not completely awful. A friend of mine adored it, saying it rivals Pixar, but this friend is absolutely insane. I’m fine saving $20 and not going to see it, but can anyone elaborate on why it’s apparently so bad?

Why do the Dreamworks Animation writers keep trying to be funny? I HATED Shrek because the character designs sucked and the humour was mostly based on pop culture references that were dated by the time the movie came out (eg. the Princess doing the cliched Trinity bullet time kick). I found Monsters vs Aliens had the same problems but not as bad as Shrek.

The human character designs other than Susan were uninspiring. I didn’t care for design for Link nor the Doctor (his head was too big).

When the Antarctica researcher screamed, “Code Nimoy!!!” one of the kids sitting behind me asked her friend, “What’s a ‘Nimoy’?”

The kids didn’t get the Close Encounters or the Axel F references (the latter I thought wasn’t funny).

The reason I love Pixar movies is that the humour is based on characterization instead of pop culture references.

I laughed exactly once. When the army tries to capture Susan, they shoot a giant syringe into her fanny. She yanks it out and throws it back, and it sticks some Army dude in the toe. I laughed because this was clearly a joke aimed at adults who remember that gruesome image from The Amazing Colossal Man when the guy gets impaled with the giant syringe. Which certainly freaked me out as a kid because I hated shots already:

But here it was rendered kid friendly as befits the movie, so the giant syringe just sticks a dude in the toe. Haw haw!

I spent the rest of the movie pretty much just hanging fire until the credits.


I’m not British, but I was recently reminded what “fanny” means over there, and couldn’t help but wonder if there are any Brits out there reading that last post doing spit takes (with tea, of course).

I wish Shrek hadn’t been so grumpy and yelly. It would have been more tolerable then. Ogre=ogre, yes baaa.

I thought the 3D was really well done. The movie was entertaining. It’ll be really hard for any animated movie to live up to The Incredibles.

I rather liked it, but my 3 year old son got intimidated by some of the action on the screen and wanted to leave before the ending, so I don’t know how it ends. It wasn’t any sort of masterpiece, and certainly no Kung Fu Panda, but good enough that I’ll have to buy it in on DVD someday to find out how it all wraps up.