MoO 3: Cheaper than free

For the devs out there, what are the chances that Quicksilver is getting no end of shit from the publisher for this turkey? I’d like to think that they wouldn’t even be allowed to program a microwave after the MOO3 debacle – but I’m not on the inside. I’m actually a little surprised Quicksilver hasn’t been disbanded yet.

EB is still selling it for $40, by the way, which indicates Amazon has a little inventory problem.

There’s no chance that there’s an Quicksilver can bullshit their way out of this, is there? Say it ain’t so.

That one Geryk article made an awfully good case that this was all the fault of the first designer, who left. Can’t remember his name.

Alan Emerich. But it can’t be blamed entirely on him. Even if his “focus points” idea was hopelessly unworkable (and the remnants of it that I see remaining in the game support that argument), the Quicksilver folks could have scrapped the entire design and started from scratch instead of trying to cobble a “fix” together that was equally hopeless. It would have been better to delay Moo3 another year or two instead of releasing a franchise-killing mess.

The only thing to blame was the internal politics at QS, from what I understand…

Is this worth a try now with the patch?

Here are some opinions…

By the way, MOO2 is now #3 on the Amazon sales charts. I guess giving something away for free is one way to pad the sales figures.

I tried to buy it “for free” as the QtT banner ad says, but when you click on the banner it takes you to a Dell Inspiron page.

…something to help you lose lose $3.5 billion. Just ask Mattel after they bought the “rebate kings of the universe” The Learning Company. Mattel might have been stupid, but The Learning company (Post Warren Robinette obviously) was evil.

Jeez, now it’s back up to $40 again and no rebate… Never seen a game jump from $-2 to $40 before.

I’m hoping FreeOrion will become reality. Most of these projects die off pretty quickly, but the guys in charge of this one seem competent, if nothing else, and the design doc for their first test build looks doable.