MOO 3, err 2

Dug up MOO2. Played it. Enjoyed crushing the Klackons and Darloks. Soon I will have a fleet that can take the fight to Antares. The Antarans will pay. Then the whole galaxy will be mine to rule with an Iron Fist. MUAHAHAHAHA!! :twisted:

You know what game was really good?

I can’t recall the name of it but the entire thing takes place in a single solar system.

One guy is at the top and you’re at the bottom and you have to slowly make your way up towards one another while building armies and such. It was a fairly simple game but really addictive.

Anyone remember the name?

Please tell me you’re not thinking of Malkari. :o

No, it was something like Overlord or some other fairly generic sounding title.

Good. You had me worried there for a moment, Brad. :D

I seem to remember playing that game on the amiga a loong time ago…
Was this the game where you had to defeat three badguys; a muscle guy, an alien (like from the movie) and some other ?

Hmmm, lets go back in time to 1990…

Could it be Supremacy ?

edit: ah, seems supremacy and overlord is the same game, (thanks underdogs)

Overlord is a Dave Perry game isn’t it? I never played it, but the box always looked appealing back in 1993 when I was working at EB. :)


Ah, Supremacy is probably one of my favourite space 4x games ever (second perhaps only to Millennium).
I still remember when I found out that it wasn’t compatible with my new fancy Amiga 4000 :(

Pretty simplistic - each planet had six slots for usable for either food production or mining. No ship combat and pretty few planets. You could create several different types of ground soldiers, but only the best were of any use.

Oh, and the victory animations when you had defeated one of the four opponents were hilarious!


Yes, Overlord is the game you’re thinking of. It had one small but debilitating problem–it wouldn’t scale to CPU cycles. It ran so fast on higher-end machines (Amiga and PC) that you couldn’t keep up with it.

What was cool was how the Overlord’s face became more and more visible the closer his forces got to yours.

1993 and older there were a number of space 4X games, weren’t there? Action games didn’t work so well on the PC so strategy titles ruled.