Moo 3 gets a patch

A small “data” patch for Master of Orion 3 has been released. From the readme:

Update Change list:

Restored release version of wsHelpText.txt to fix tool tips

Corrected MilitaryAI.txt gound force creation values to work with release version of code (due to a code bug, larger numbers tended to generate smaller amounts in the release code. This was fixed and the values modified for the new code. The incorrect version of the file was added to the original data patch)

Corrected indexes of ground weapons in techtables.txt

Original Change list:

Corrected some typos reported on the boards.

Added Bill Seconded message which was already in the code to sitreps, so Orion Senate bills now issue a sitrep when seconded and up for a vote. Added Spy tags for filter in code patch.

Corrected tag in sitreps that caused a bad sitrep for trying to land an outpost on a full planet.

Corrected order of weapons in GroundCombat.txt so that higher tech weapons are preferred (user reported bug).

Number of ground troop weapons types reduced from 21 to 9 and weapons standardized.

Added comments and some new tables to MilitaryAI.txt that require the code patch and are subject to change (including parameters for MOB centers, system ships). Marked as unused tables in MilitaryAI.txt which are read in but not used (will be removed in code patch).

Modified numbers in MilitaryAI.txt similarly to existing mods.

Increased research costs in main fields.

System ship and orbital hulls are cheaper.

Cost of ship and orbital armor halved

Missiles have been reduced in power by halving the warhead strength. The reload rate now varies by missile chassis size.

ECM and ECCM values slightly changed.

Ship star drives have increased in size and system drives are smaller so they are now equal in size at equal techs.

Ship movement over galaxy map is a little faster for any given tech.

Galaxy Map - relative offroad (non starlane) movement penalty changed from 20 times slower to 7. This will facilitate at least some offroad movement.

Race pick text descriptions updated and clarified to be more consistent with their function.

Environment race pick slightly improved

Economy race pick removed.

Tolerant race pick now reduces pollution by 20% instead of 50% and natural absorption bonus now works

Tolerant attributes of Saurian species now work

Removed ability of Harversters to move more than one level in any of the race pick categories.

Cost of some race picks changed. For example, increasing industry now costs 30 pick points.

New Orions now get proper bonuses to research.

Several regional specials that deplete are now really special:

Removed some tables that are not read in from LeaderPersonality.txt. Add age columns to leaders (not active until code patch)

Removed duplicate star names from starnames.txt

Added four to the base ThisMeansWar trigger to reduce the number of sudden war declarations

ok… so does this make it worth playing yet? I loved Moo2 and am waiting (and hoping) that they patch it into a fun game.


A lot of the problems won’t be fixed until the code patch, and that has to go through QA at Infogrames before we’ll get our hands on it. The reason the Data patch did not is because it doesn’t affect the code directly.

The Data patch alters both the Spreadsheet & wStrings mob (text) files. It tweaks some aspects of the game, but only a code patch can really affect the guts of MOO3. I’d recommend waiting for that.

Hadn’t seen that patch list.

Glad they’re fixing the “little things:”
>Fixed bombardment so that ground forces take damage.

Hope they work on the diplomacy AI in addition to everything there.

What a staggering list of fixes already. Where are all the guys who were slamming Tom’s review now?

Hangin on his validation of a patched Moo3?

Couldn’t say; sorry. I just posted the info as an FYI kind of thing. Based on the reported problems, I’ve put off playing MoO3 until Quicksilver delivers the code patch another poster mentioned.


Would a code patch really help?

I mean, since the game was officially declared DOA by our gracious host, Mr Chick, most of the problems I’ve heard of are those that have to do with the fundamental design of the game.

You can’t redesign a game with a patch. To me this looks like they’re trying to put a nice coat of paint on a building with no roof.

Busy playing Galactic Civilisations.

Busy playing Galactic Civilisations.[/quote]