Moon, starring Sam Rockwell

I loved this trailer. It feels like a modern version of 2001 or Silent Running.

Nifty, though in the grand tradition of almost all trailers, it gives away too much. Guessing what the twist is gonna be isn’t that hard. :-/

The impression I get from reading interviews with the director is that the movie isn’t really about the plot twist, which occurs in the first act, it’s about exploring Rockwell’s character dealing with the ramifications of the plot twist.

It looks very interesting.

I’m all for more movies focusing on experience and storytelling over The Big Twist.

I hate trailers that give away twists. I would so much rather not have seen that.

Oh man, that looks like actual science fiction for once! Sweet.

I must confess that when I saw the thread title, my first thought was “Yeah, I can totally see Sam Rockwell playing Keith Moon.”

This looks cool, but I’m still a little bit bummed.

You won’t get fooled again. No no.

I’m excited about this movie. Looks like the most truly SF film since “Sunshine”, which isn’t all that SF.

As I said, the “twist” happens in the first act, and I gather the movie is not really about the twist directly, but more about how the character deals with it afterwards. It’s a character piece, not a mystery or a Shyamalan/Twilight Zone type thing.

Just knowing that there is some twist and that it’s called Moon, I think I’m going to both see this movie and avoid any trailers and/or spoilery discussion.

Spoiler: It’s a space station.

I can see that, but it still would have been a nice surprise upon seeing the film, even if that’s not what the film is all about. It’s sort of like the first act of Sixth Sense. You’re just waiting for the kid to spit out what you already know from the trailer. It’s not as interesting if you know it’s coming.


Feh, I guessed it was a space station before I even saw the trailer.

BTW: There’s no fucking way you’d leave someone all alone on a space station for three years. You might as well pick your candidates straight from the insane asylum and lace their food with LSD.

Other than that, this might be an interesting movie.


krise madsen

Second spoiler - it takes place on the moon!

We can’t be sure of that …

Maybe it’s not OUR MOON! <shiftyeyes>

The “twist” of The Matrix happened in the first act, too, but not knowing it going in meant that I enjoyed my first viewing far more than I would have if I had known what the Matrix was.

Yeah, I just don’t care about things like that. I don’t even consider the Matrix to have a “twist”, I knew the broad outlines of the plot going in, in terms of “It’s a cyberpunk movie about rebels fighting MIB-esque computer programs in a VR environment”.

shrug, to each their own. I think some people take the avoiding plot spoilers thing to a rather fetishistic level.

“Hey, let’s go see Die Hard.” “Die Hard?” “Yeah, its new movie starring Bruce Willis, about a cop who has to fight a group of terrorists that take over the building he happens to be in during a Christmas party.”

“Wait. So…he’s at a Christmas party, and then terrorists attack unexpectedly? The terrorist attack is a surprise? Someone just watching the movie cold won’t realize this pleasant Christmas party movie, perhaps a romantic comedy or afamily Christmas movie is actually an action movie about terrorists? You’ve ruined the twist! The TWIST! I don’t even want to see it now!”