Moone boy: 'Ireland in 1989' comedy on Hulu Plus

Yesterday I was in the mood for a comedy but none of the ones sitting in my queue were appealing to me at the time. So I browsed around in the Hulu originals section and found this.

It’s about a boy with three older sisters who just turned 12. He has an imaginary friend (played by the fellow from the IT crowd) and two well meaning and sensible parents. In the pilot he deals with two bullies, and in the second episode his mom gets political, trying to get a woman elected to be Ireland’s head of state.

I really like the show so far. I’m still not sure what the imaginary friend adds to the show. It’s a delightful comedy without that. Hopefully they’ll justify the existence of the imaginary friend later in the series. The young boys in this series are spot on perfect, as are the three sisters. Highly recommended based on what I’ve seen so far.

Ohhh, Chris O’Dowd? I totally need to see it now, love him.

I watched this a while back when it first popped up on Hulu, good stuff. It has that aggravating BBC quality of when you find something that’s pretty awesome and then realize there’s only six episodes. I think I liked the first episode with the bullies the best. Conner and Johner Bonner. That stuff cracks me up.

5 more days until Season 2! I’m excited. That last episode of Season 1 was the worst one, sadly. The parents trying to get their daughter to fail, the boys trying to burn everything because it was their last day, none of that stuff connected with me even a little bit. But the other episodes of Season 1 were great.