Moonlighter - Shopkeeper by day, Adventurer by night.

I think Recettear is better by far in every aspect but pixel art and (arguably) the combat itself. I loved that game.

Yeah, I think so too? I dunno, I’m not sure, it’s really been a while since I played Recettear.

Anyway, I found this:

OMG, thank you for posting this!

I tried Moonlighter last night and was instantly turned off by the lack of mouse controls and the obtuse key layout and mapping tools. It’s like the game was designed by people who had never played a PC game before in their lives. Even after attempting to remap some keys, I was killed instantly by the first creature I met (who cannot be avoided as he sits on a narrow stone bridge) because no matter what keys I pressed, I COULD NOT ATTACK! So frustrating.

The Steam Community post you linked has a sample mapping layout that looks workable and includes left and right mouse buttons, which I didn’t even realize were able to be mapped now in the game. I’ll have to give it another go tonight.

Wasn’t sure it was worth it’s own post and was having trouble finding any of the posts on similar games but I see this one had recent activity. Shop Titans on mobile seems pretty solid so far. I’m playing on iOS, not sure if cross platform.

Played a bit more over the past couple of nights. I really want to like this game…but they make it so difficult for PC gamers to do so. Combat is 10X easier now that I have remapped the combat controls to the mouse, but the UI on everything else is still super clunky because it’s 100% keyboard, and it really should be 90% mouse.

I’ve got the hang of the items and the shop now, and I’m regretting selling some of the stuff from my first couple of forays into the dungeons now that I know what I need for upgrades at the Smith and Witch. Still, it’s easy enough to restock, just grindy. What’s killing me now is the amount of money it takes to upgrade even the simplest things. I’ve got components enough for a couple of armor and weapons upgrades, but they cost 4000 gold each in addition to the components, which means more trips to the dungeons and more grinding for items (that aren’t needed components) to sell.

I assume it’s best played with a controller? I do want to get to this now that I got it in the Humble Monthly.

That would be the correct assumption. I’ve never played a game that was so obviously designed to be an indie console title. Keyboard/mouse support feels like it was tacked on in the 10 minutes before they shipped.

Moonlighter is free on the Epic Store this week.

I’m still waiting for one of these to click with me. Seems they all have varying levels of you playing or controlling the adventurers and I’d really like a purely shop centric one.

I would recommend shop titans on mobile, or weaponshop fantasy for PC (or mobile) if you are looking for a crafting->selling game where you don’t directly control the adventurers who go out and collect your loot.

Thanks for these! Looks like my cup of tea.

I would also throw in this one for pure shop keeping. I keep coming back to it. Very low stress shop keeping.

Hmm, that does look cool, and not just because the main character looks like Sarah Palin. Oh, wait, early access. Bleh.


You got me excited for a minute but… Early Access!?

The best of them all is Recettear, but even that one requires a bit of adventuring. You can avoid it a bit if you know what you’re doing, I suppose, but it’s not exactly designed like that.

@tomchick @Nesrie

You people!!! Live a little on the wild side! :)

Seriously though its more a “pretty much done and really fun” kind of early access.

But if you are in no rush then it will still be a great time when it gets its full release so your call. I think you will both dig it.

Haha I added it to my wishlist.

I used to pre-order, Early Access AND Kickstart. I’ve mostly learned my lesson, but cute games like this i really dig, but yeah too many incomplete games. Maybe by the holidays season I will be ready for a smallish SP game.

I’m playing shop titans and it also has you equipping and sending out heroes. also it’s more about crafting on demand since once craft timers go up you can’t keep shelves stocked anyway

It is, but you don’t have to control the heroes in the dungeons like you do in moonlighter or receetear.

I can see it being a great holiday game. Its very “cozy” for want of a better word. Hope you like it if/when you check it out!

Recettear, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Stardew Valley games like that are just so enjoyable. I am also looking at this one" . I’m buttering up my gaming group to consider this one once it’s out of EA. We’ve done the EA thing… worked out maybe 25% of the time.