Moore leaves MS for EA Sports

Intriguring indeed!

I can’t wait to see the Madden tattoo.


That is surprising.

Holy criznap! That’s definitely interesting.

The big fish are always looking for bigger ponds to splash in… kind of reminds me of Riccitello leaving Elevation for EA as well. EA’s about the biggest pond there is in the publishing biz.

Maybe Moore’s burnt out on hardball Red Ring of Death questions :-) Of course, if that’s true, why would he jump right into a shitstorm of “why the fuck are all your games broken every year?” questions?

Edit: Hmm, article says it’s because he wants to move his family back to the San Francisco area. I could see that. We’re considering a move to Seattle… maybe I should look him up and ask him why he moved back ;-)

strange that it is in the same week ms publishes its results.

Can’t imagine it had anything to do with that. This was probably a done deal, what, 8 weeks ago or something? He prolly just told MS “I’ll stay until E3 is over, then I’m out.”

Peter was supposed to give the keynote address at the Casual Connect conference this morning, but was replaced at the last minute by another MS exec.

Now I know why he didn’t show… Too bad too, because I was looking forward to hearing him speak.

According to magical SEC public filing mumbojumbo, EA sent the offer letter on June 5th.

Choice quotes from GAF…

“Ya know, people quit.”

“You were supposed to Finish The Fight™ Peter!”

[quote]“He probably left because he did what he came to do at Microsoft, make Xbox 360 the best selling next generation console.”
" And he left just before the Wii passed it worldwide, so your statement is technically true.


lol @ interesting, surprising, intriguing etc. being the most used term to describe this by people here.

it’s the same thing I said myself when I read it.

The move is not that shocking when you think about it. When you get to Peter’s age you want to be able to put your feet up. Running EA Sports is kind of the last waystation before you finally trade it all in for the gold watch and the pipe and slippers. Seriously, where is the challenge in this job? Your only real challenge is to not fall asleep at the switch. “Hey guys, I’ve got an idea, let’s run it up the flagpole… are you ready?.. MADDEN NFL 2009!”

Compare that to Xbox where you’re in a daily pit fight for every scrap of market share you can get, it’s exhausting. Give me the job where I can take a few weeks off and nobody will notice any day.

Plus, it sounds like moving back to SF was a big factor which I totally understand. I think I’d kill myself if I had to live in Seattle.

I’m guessing your career at Microsoft is effectively over when you preside over a fuck up big enough to cause a $1 billion quarterly charge. I have yet to see a corporate announcement when someone left for “personal reasons” that wasn’t blatantly obvious cover for them being fired.

Head of EA Sports? That’s gotta be a really tough gig.

insert title 2007
insert title 2008
insert title 2009
insert title 2010

$550K base salary with a target bonus of 75%

350K stock options, 50K stock

$1.5M signing bonus

$330K relocation expenses.

The exclusive deal with the NFL is over soon. He’ll definitely have to work on getting that extended. It’s not that easy a job really. People expect EA Sports to be on top. If they’re not after Peter’s been there for awhile, then he’ll catch the heat for it.

That said, it sure beats fronting a console that’s best known trait at the moment is a red ring indicating its complete failure.

He was a pretty good…what ever he was.

Think Allard is going to get a promotion?

J Allard hasn’t been in the games group for a while now. He’s currently running the Zune group, as I understand it.

So what do we know about his replacement? Are we still in good hands?

I dont think he played any big role: hardware design, first party games and third party relationship … he was just the head of PR. What I dont like is an EA guy to replace him: he will probably pay the press for good reviews and wont accept any delay from first party titles.