Moore to make Fahrenheit 9/11 sequel

Seems like an odd choice. How much interest will there be in such a film in 2009?

He’d be better served taking on a new subject, IMHO.

He’d be better served falling off a cliff.

It’s funny you posted that, because I’d LOVE to see a picture of it.

Yeah, after the decent Sicko, you’d figure he’d stay out of territory that got him so criticized.

Well, what does he have to work with. When he left he was doing a film about an intractable war leaving hundreds of thousands of dead and now we’re still in the same war.

I don’t mean to derail, but after reading the linked article I was left with a rather odd question: when did the term “preemed” (apparently short for “premiered”) become commonplace? I mean, c’mon … it only saves you TWO WHOLE LETTERS.

(and yes, that was intentional)

It’s Variety.

Good point.

About the same time “u” became a replacement for “you.” Also two letters saved, but people still do it.

Besides, it’s Variety.

“LiLo had to go when her new move preemed at Mann’s Cin!”

Media should quit using Moore’s “average American - look; I’m fat and wearing a cap!” photos. The man’s worth buckets of millions, so why not stick to the red carpet suit shots instead, rather than propagating his manipulative persona.

Perhaps they’ll do that when they start applying it to everyone else.

Well in this case it doesn’t take much more than just change the use of a particular collection of photos.

To create a partisan effect.

If Bush can move an aircraft carrier to create a backdrop for “Mission Accomplished” I can slide MM a baseball cap.

That’d be a pretty big cliff.

It would get bigger after he landed.

I wish he knew that he does more harm than good for his causes. But then again, he makes a shitload of money off of it so I doubt it matters to him.

I don’t agree with all of Moore’s politics, but I do think that several of his movies have been worth seeing. However, I think he’s more valuable as a “hit and run” type film maker who raises the questions and moves on.

As I said in my first post, I don’t see that there will be much interest in the Bush administration in 2009.

I can’t stand Variety’s industry jargon shorthand. Could you imagine a style guide that forces you to sound like a dishy rumor monger? Egads.

As far as a sequel, I think Moore is a bit late to the party, and his jocular, fast-cut approach doesn’t really fit well with the topic. I wonder if he’ll bring another camera crew to a corporate headquarters lobby and waste several minutes of the viewers’ time pointing out that CEOs don’t typically clear their schedules for an unannounced materialization of video-equipped interrogators.


All of his films were more than decent, albeit fallacious. I agree with most of the things he says, but he is a moron with the way he goes about it.

The Hollywood Style Guide is a great idea. But I don’t think we have another Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? on our hands, Spurlock may not be able to channel Michael Moore but Michael Moore can certainly channel Michael Moore.

This thread:

Michael Moore is making a new film.

He’s irrelevant.

Hahaha he’s fat.

He’s irrelevant.

Hahaha he’s fat, and he’s rich.

He’s irrelevant and fat.

Intellectual analysis of how irrelevant and fat and rich he is.