Moorpgs free to play on banner ads?

Are any of the MMORPGs that are on the banner ads I keep seeing here any good?

Is downloading one just a spyware invitation or are they making their money legitimaly through their gold sales and such?

I have never yet met a free-to-play MMO that was worth the money I didn’t spend to play.

I tend to agree.
The game itself would usually be found quite lacking.
However, if you go after a certain type of community and environment which is not usually found within the common MMORPGs rather than gameplay itself then these may cater to you.

Like, say, furries and yiffing. Then you could just play Second Life and have a grand old time.

Based solely on the quantity of T&A in the ads for Rappelz, I’m sure it’s excellent.

These free MMOs tend to thrive based more on their community and their desire to socialize than on their game play. Because they are free, they also tend to attract a very young crowd. If you want to do a lot of socializing with teens/preteens while grinding mobs, you’ll love it.

Anarchy Online is free now and I thought it was good.

It is (though the best stuff comes with the decidedly not-free expansions). But that’s a fairly recent direction for a game that launched a long time ago. They did expect people to pay for most of those years. Puts it in a different category.

Yeah, the “good” category ;).

They should be adware free. If one is not, please lt me know and I will remove it.



WoW is a Moorpg if you roll a tauren.

As the worlds foremost connousieur of asian free-to-play (usually means free to play if you want to be a second class citizen, but hey did you notice our item mall on the way in?) games, I’d say your best bet at the moment is to download the chinese client of Perfect World (Make a Cubizone account from there) Then use the latest english translation patch

(Make sure to follow the instructions on the page and in the file carefully)

And what do you get? A quite pretty WoW clone of sorts with a pretty elaborate character creation system and some decent gameplay. Translation is pretty iffy, so if all this work frightens you, wait a few weeks for the english open beta to begin.

At which point, if my experience is any guide, the translation will be equally iffy (if not worse) but it’ll at least be official.