Morality vs. Ethics

Here’s a more interesting question: am I actually saying anything at all about the difference between ethics and morals in this thread? The answer is no, because I confined it to the original thread, where it was actually an applied discussion about the morality of a strategy guide writer continuing to abet an industry that he feels to be delivering false information to consumers. Then Spoofy said it wasn’t immoral, but at worst, unethical. I pointed out over a couple of posts that I felt ethics and morality to be integrally linked and overlap. Then Spoofy flipped out and hanged ten on a tsunami of his own indignant tears over here - only to wipe out upon the jagged rocks of an entire forum’s disagreement over his stated definitions. Dudical!

Fine. Why don’t we just both agree that he is a Nazi and leave it at that?

Step away from the dictionary, spoofychop.

The difference between morals and ethics is one of context.

In Business, for example, its a matter of ethics and not morals. You cannot make a moral business decision, but you can make an ethical one.

In serious Humanitarian concerns, its a matter of morals and not ethics. You cannot make a serious ethical human decision, but you can make a moral one.

The distinction is pretty silly and I myself merge the two concepts frequently, using them interchangeably.

Holy chocolate cows, Batman. This is the first Brian Koontz post in a very long time that I can understand. And even agree with!

Crypt: A tsunami? A tsunami… BOMB, perhaps?



My little sister crowd surfed to Tsunami Bomb once. I think that was one of the bands she hugged at the Warp tour.

So yeah, topic at hand.

I disagree heartily. I believe all concerns can be addressed via ethics, and I don’t believe morality is useful in any context, because typically, morality is based on a culture/religion-specific viewpoint, which, simply put, isn’t useful when we’re dealing with regional and global concerns.

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Anyway Crypty, any thread where you sound like a lunatic and Kootz is making sense is a bit too wierd for my tastes. Plus, I’m so flabbergasted by the variety of views here that I don’t even feel like replying…I’d have to write a reply to 17 different people.

So here’s all I have to say about this thread:

Suffice it to say that, while I think Dave Long is awesome, it was pretty funny when Xaroc made fun of him.

Sorry Dave.

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