More ATI Woes

I’ve been using a 5850 since they came out, with no problems.

Along about July or August (upon moving to CAT 11.7, or maybe 11.8 drivers), I started getting random lock ups (complete system freeze with the gray vertical lines on screen), even when just using Chrome. I’ve updated to every new CAT release since then, with the same problem. About 2 days ago, I went back to CAT 11.6, and everything seems fine.

Anybody experience anything similar, or have any ideas?

I had a bunch of issues, which I blamed on ATI post-11.9, but I also have an OCZ SSD which I’m more inclined to blame now. An SSD firmware upgrade seems to have solved it. I just let the ATI auto updater do its thing now and all seems good. I also backed off overclocks.

I also have an OCZ SSD, but no overclocking on the 5850.

Maybe I’ll check to see where I’m at with regards to the firmware on the SSD. I’ve had if for a while now, with no updating…

OCZ have some sort of automated tool which they say not to use on a boot drive… but I did and it seemed to work :| Kind of nerve-wracking.

I tried with and without the Intel RST drivers, and it seemed fine either way. This is with a Vertex 3. My problems were long system freezes and bluescreens.

I hate OCZ SSDs with a force of a thousand suns. Did you always have the SSD? Is it SandForce?

Yes, I’ve had it for a couple of years, one of the original 64 gb Vertex…