More dancing transformers videos

Didn’t see this linked before, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a repeat:

Citroen C4 car commercial

How come we don’t get cool car commercials like that? :(

  1. There’s only a small market for fuel-efficient cars.
  2. There’s no market for fuel-efficient French cars.

The basic Citroen C4 has a drag coefficient of 0.28 and a 110hp 4-liter engine that gets 60mpg on the highway. Most people in Jesusland would consider it to be an underpowered hippie mobile.

God, I’m buying one, so when I get pulled over for speeding I can make my car transform and crush the policeman. Or maybe not.

I wonder if they actually made a tie-in Transformer toy. I seem to remember the RX8s doing that, and in the realistic line of Transformers, the WRX I have transforms in exactly the same way as that car. Which is horrible in practice actually, it takes 15 minutes to transform the stupid thing with lots of movements that feel like you’re forcing plastic in ways you shouldn’t have to. Still, looks cool.

This is proof that its time for a live action Transformers movie.

No shit. That ad really scratched some deep uber-geek urge inside me.

Ugh. Except you know some studio exec, somewhere, would say “We need a heart-warming moment. Make Optimus Prime save a puppy from being crushed by a falling boulder!”

But yeah - that commercial was kick ass!!


Penned by none other than the guy who wrote Catwoman, too. Should be… something.


the clerks animated series demonstrated clearly that sitting inside a transforming car is not good for your health:

search for the text “LIQUEFYING”

There is an animated gif of the car transforming from this around the net somewhere, I’ll see if i can find it.

It doesn’t dance, but I think it is pretty cool:

Vehicle to autonomous biped robot conversion for the Mini Cooper r50

Check out the Car Stopping quicktime video.

Nice to see someone still using Michael Jackson’s signature moves.