More Firefox tab behavior weirdness

I’m still running, and suddenly what’s happening is that when I’ve come back from hibernate (under XP), the browser won’t open anything in a new tab and insists on opening an entirely new browser window, like old-school IE 6 or something. Even if I’ve created an empty tab ahead of time and make sure it’s the active one, when I go to one of my bookmarks it won’t show the page under that tab but opens up a new browser window. Just started doing this a couple of days ago.

And, just as suddenly as it started doing this, it stopped. Never mind.

Why are you still using that horrible piece of software known as Firefox 2.0? Upgrade to 3.0 and enjoy as all your 2.0 problems go away.

I just downloaded IE Tab for FF3 and it’s awesome! Now I can watch Netflix movies in FF without having to open IE, too! W00t!