More games like Trace Memory...Spoilers!

I had picked up Trace at Costco for $9.00 about 5 months ago. I would call it a lite adventure game. I found it all to be pretty mundane, ( I even stopped playing for a while I found it so boring) but there are a few parts to the game that were awesome and innovative. Specifically, the puzzle where you have to put the key in the book by looking in the refection of the top screen. This gives you a code as to where to find the actual key. Another involved stamping a book by closing your ds shut. Yes it’s simple and silly, but it was outside thinking and a great way to show off the ds. Are there any other brilliant ds games like this?

Well, the same people made Hotel Dusk: Room 215. Which has a better story and is substantially longer.

I absolutely loathed Trace Memory, but Hotel Dusk is far superior.
The Phoenix Wright games are top notch, though tend to use the DS in that manner.

Trace Memory / Another Code is tedious as all crap. Phoenix is fun, although in the original, only the final episode was written specifically for the DS.

I love phoenix wright, but it is nothing like the puzzles in Trace memory.

Definitely play Hotel Dusk.

Yeah, Hotel Dusk.

And none of the sequel. There were something like four GBA games in the series in Japan, so I doubt we’ll see a true DS Phoenix Wright until…oh, PW5 or so.