More Late Night TV: Leno at 10PM

So it was announced yesterday that Leno will be creating a new, five days a week talk show that will run at 10PM each night. So basically, NBC will run talk shows from 10 to 2AM every week night, except for the local news slot.

From NBC’s point of view this is great: Leno will be cheaper than producing something else for that last hour of prime time and Leno stays with NBC instead of jumping to another network and competing with Conan/Tonight Show. But I wonder how much demand there is for more talk shows. And I also wonder how this is going to work without these shows having to resort to even more lesser guests. There are already six talk shows on the major networks and many nights they don’t have compelling guests. Now there will be seven and it will be even worse.

This show makes Lost look straightforward. Leno is a pretentious, pseudo-avant hack.

Old people LOVE the Leno. They will make Leno their prime-time god-king.