More Nostalgia-Devices coming: Commodore 64 Mini out Oct 9

64 games. A joystick and miniature keyboard.

Games list here:

Really going deep on the Epyx titles…

(The inevitable Apple II version is going to paralyze me with childhood flashbacks, you guys.)

If they could’ve only gotten rights to the MicroProse games. You put Pirates, Airborne Ranger, and Gunship in there with California Games and Impossible Mission II and I’m begging someone to take my money.

That list kind of sucks, I’ve never heard of most of them and I played my C64 like someone was going to break into my house and steal it. How about some Blue Max, Lode Runner, Raid on Bungeling Bay, Bruce Lee, Shamus, Miner 2049er, M.U.L.E., jeez I could keep going!

Possibly worth it for Impossible Mission (I & II) and Jumpman, but yeah it would be nice to have stuff like Archon, Mail Order Monsters, HERO, uh… other stuff.

Also, it has Temple of Apshai, but that’s gonna suck without the book, right? The book that had the room descriptions in it?

It’s the same list as the international version, as far as I can see. It still has the focus on European titles which seems a bit odd for the US version. There are some legit classics in there though, at least so I’ve heard as a former ZX Spectrum owner and hence clear enemy of the C64 brigade! I’m still tempted to get one and join the dark side. Or at least, check the dark side out.

This definitely would have benefited from some EA, Accolade, and Activision titles. MULE, Seven Cities of Gold, Lords of Conquest, PSI-5 Trading Company, Law of the West, Killed Until Dead, Great American Cross-Country Road Race, Hacker,…

Wonder if it will have over heating issues like the real thing.

*robot voice* Real hardware makes no sense whatsoever when emulators run so well. Nobody need a real mini C64 to play Mule when Vice or other emulator run it so well */robot voice*

This is illogical!

The thing is, all these mini consoles that are coming out are using emulators. It mystifies my husband too, why anyone would pay money for any of these things when you can just use the same emulators the devices are using. I suppose it all just scratches the nostalgia itch, being able to look at it, even in miniature. And it is at least probably easier for those who don’t want to have to spend times configuring every ROM, because honestly, emulators can be pretty fiddly.

That said, they at least have Jumpman, but no Archon or MULE? No thanks. I’ll stick with Vice64. ;)

Actually, I’ve got my old C64 in storage at my mom’s place, I wonder if it still works?

No MULE no sale. Come on!

Star Paws looks like a real winner.

Trailblazer is really cool. Uridium is always talked about in the pages of Retro Gamer magazine as an excellent shooter. Many of these games are considered top notch in the UK.

As for why people buy them, some of us prefer to own games legally. *shrug*

If it doesn’t include 10 minute load times, no sale.

Oh shit, Archon is one of those classic games I saw and wanted so bad but had to make money decisions. I never did play it but the premise sounded great - chess where you play out the battles in real time.

I was hoping Autoduel would be one of the games.

Speaking of M.U.L.E, any folks play on ?

With this mini the keyboard with the case is non-functional, and you need a usb keyboard, right?

Oh man, Autoduel! Haven’t thought about that game in a long time - is it even available anywhere for PC? I don’t see it on GOG or Steam, did it even get a PC release?

It was released for DOS (although the ST and, I assume, Amiga versions are likely better). I don’t know why EA wouldn’t allow a GOG release, but, you know, EA.

Looks like there also is an app for android and ios now:

Offworld Trading Company drew inspiration from MULE as well.