More open world destruction: Red Faction style

New video interview about Red Faction:Guerrilla up. Shows off a fair bit of gameplay.

Looks pretty good so far.

It looks awesome. Like Saints Row meets Mercenaries on Mars with a cover system and enormous awesome explosions. This just went from barely on my radar to WANT NOW PLZ

“Follow me! I’m with the Red FacBOOOOM”.

Here’s another video showing of the destruction, looks to be physics based and a bit more advanced than what we saw in BF:BC.

This looks like the physics system I’ve been wanting for, well, forever. Day One! I hope they license this out too.

Hell yes!

Jesus Christ it’s about fucking time a game like this comes out.

It amazes me that Red Faction is the only game touting this kind of physics based destruction.

We’ll have to see how many environments this game has, because that sounds like massive amounts of work to get it right.

That does look cool, but I can see it being really hard to blow stuff up if it’s based on physical architecture. Especially once the artists learn to make their buildings really stable, players like me will have no idea how to target weak spots! I’m not an architect! I have no idea where to plant charges to blow up stuff fast.

Judging by the weaponry in the trailer, I can’t see that being an issue. Just blow the base of the building off!

Well if you look at the video, you get some pretty powerful explosives. I’m guessing a lot of the “blowing up buildings” part of the game will be just for show, or offer an alternative to dealing with a bunch of bad guys that are in the building.

Unfortunately I don’t think RF is all that great of a game in the first place. If their only advancement in the series is this new level of destruction, then the game’s just going to be an average (albeit visceral) shooter that does one thing really well and, hopefully, inspires the gaming industry to do more with the technology.

That would make a pretty cool gameplay progression. At the start, the player has no idea where the vulnerable parts of the architecture are, but over the course of the game you learn where to apply force to bring structures down.

Pretty good story trailer up for Red Faction: Story Trailer.

I’m very much looking forward to this game. I just wish it was coming before the summer. Dammit!

Wouldn’t it be cool if in the early game, after you join the guerillas or whatever, they take you out to a demolition range and teach you the basics of how to blow up buildings? Load bearing walls, corner support, where to plant explosives for the best effect, etc. Kind of like the shooting range tutorial that a lot of shooters used to have but in a demolition park out in the middle of nowhere.

Yeah, that would be awesome ElGuapo.

I was really frustrated while playing the multiplayer beta when I was playing with and against all these testers and people who helped design the game, and they knew exactly how to blow up buildings with only two or three charges. Meanwhile, I’d use up my all my charges trying to blow up the building, just sticking charges in random places and the thing just wouldn’t go down.

I played the multiplayer beta at PAX and I was completely underwhelmed. I realize it was just a beta, but everything about the game in very fundamental ways seemed mediocre.

I agree. The multiplayer beta just wasn’t very compelling. I was always overwhelmed with too many choices, changing weapons wasn’t easy to do, and the game just felt too complicated to be a fun run-and-gun multiplayer shooter.

My hopes lie in the single player area now. Of course, the multiplayer beta was a while ago. It is possible that they’ve made some radical overhauls based on the feedback from the beta.

I thought that was pretty awful. It was cliché, but dull cliché.

Then again, I thought the Independence War intro, with the butchest president ever, was also pretty stupid. QT3 loves it for reasons I don’t understand.

Most of the building physics seemed to be disabled in the beta and possibly in multiplayer overall.