More qt3 errors

Getting these way too often. Morning, just now. Noonish yesterday, quite a lot. Past few evenings. What’s the deal?

Nice to see a generated error using ‘them’ as an indefinite singular pronoun.

Linux sucks! Yeah!

I’m seeing them with more frequency as well.

Is the intertron crashing?

I see them regularly if I try search, which seems to be spectacularly broken.

If you guys only knew how hard Tom is working to keep the server running.

I’m sure we’d all love to see behind the scenes.

Happens Qt3 is too popular.

Anybody else seeing the software forgetting that you’ve looked at a thread? I come back and see a thread I read earlier looking like a new post has been made, only to find it hasn’t. Even in threads where I was the last person to post. It makes it hard to keep track of what I’ve read.

That’s always been the case, it’s not new.

That happens to me occasionally, and clearing the cookies and logging back in fixes it until the next occurrence (maybe once every week or two). That’s probably just a plain old vBulletin bug.

Odd, I never noticed it until the last few weeks.

Site is growing. I am experimenting with some things now that may help in the near future. But right now, nothing to see. Vbulletin search - which already sucks - sucks worse with this many posts.

Google seems to crawl QT3 pretty thoroughly - maybe we could put a site-specific search box here somewhere? I know you can do a site search in other ways, but I’m lazy.

I’ve seen qt3 content hit google three days after the posting date.

Hollywood marriages last longer than QT3 + vB. Not sorry to see it go.

Fucking hate it when that happens. I get all excited that someone may have just commented back to something I said, only to find that I’m the last poster.