More re-envisioned horror movie trailers

Posted for those who missed them.

The original re-envisioned trailer (no longer a horror film)

Re-envisioned trailer for “Forrest Gump”

Re-envisioned trailer for “Napoleon Dynamite”

Re-envisioned trailer for “A Christmas Story”

Re-envisioned trailer for “Mary Poppins”

nice find. ty.

Must Love Jaws is still my favorite.

Chuck Heston+Teen Comedy = ?

What if Woody and Buzz liked the Horse?

are the ones that stick in my memory

The Mary Poppins clip is outstanding.

Edit: Holy crap, the Toy Story Requiem clip just exploded my brain.

The jaws clip is awesome.

Mary Poppins is awesome.

I’ve always liked Shining.

EDIT: wow - Toy Story Requiem

I love how the Shining trailer more or less goes backward through the story, too.

I didn’t post the Requiem one since I didn’t really think it qualified, but if it does, yeah… that’s the best one. By far. Some really amazing editing.

Must Love Jaws is just fuckin’ hilarious though.

I actually like 10 Things I Hate About Commandments more than Must Love Jaws, personally.