More rumors of the 360 with an HDMI port

This gives me wood.

120GB hdd, too. mmm…

But still no built-in wifi and the 65nm CPUs are delayed again…?

I don’t care about the HDMI (although that would free up a component input on my receiver) but I want that new HD now, dammit. 20GB, WTF.

If true, they’re going to tie that thing right into the HD movies and TV shows that are available over Marketplace now. Man, this thing is gonna be a cash cow before you know it.

After seeing this, not quite sure what Microsoft’s timeline would be. We shall see.

Rather amusing seeing them whip out the scaling e-peen at 1080p though.

I sure hope they have some kind of trade-in offer when this comes out.

I want HDMI and a 120gb drive. But do I want to shell out another full price for the system? I guarantee I don’t.

This bothers me, the whole multiple generations of the consoles.

And they say PC gaming is dead. ;-)

No, it just got cheaper.

Same. I’d really like an HDMI xbox but I’m not going to drop 700 bucks to get it.

Same here. The VGA output is good enough for me, and might even help avoid input conflicts with other HDMI devices when I finally build that HD home theatre.

Hopefully the bigger drive will be available as an accessory, at least. They’d be nuts not to.

So if my xbox is new can I send it in and trade up for the new one? Also how does the VGA look compared to component? My Mits has a VGA plug.

It depends entirely on your TV. Looked like ass incarnate on my JVC HD-ILA. Worse than vintage 80’s CRT.

Pick up the cables at Best Buy (etc.) and try them out, if you don’t like the result, return them.

While I’m not excited about an HDMI port, I am waiting for a 360 version that has the HD-DVD built in. I don’t know if this is it, but a $499 HD-DVD, 802.11N wireless networking, 120GB HD, HDMI, 65nm 360 would probably be necessary to compete at the high end against PS3 next X-mas.

Here’s the Engadget version of the story:


no, a $199 core system, $299 current premium and probably $399 120gb version plus halo 3 doesn’t need an integrated hd dvd drive to compete agianst the ps3. HD DVD drives are slow, they’re not going to put one in the xbox 360.

They said in the ars technica article they will not ever release a 360 with a hd dvd drive integrated. that is not microsoft’s plan, and it wouldn’t work if they did it.

By slow do you mean playing back HD-DVDs or regular DVDs as well? I haven’t heard that before…

Also, I wouldn’t take anything a PR or leaked item from Microsoft says as being truthful or immutable. You have to remember that they use propaganda on their own employees.

Microsoft doesn’t need to have an internal HD-DVD player. What’s in it for them to do that? They already have the edge on price with the PS3, why squander that with an unknown format that may or may not win the war. Instead, focus on standard DVD and downloadable HD movies with a bigger hard drive.

It does seem rather soon, though. Whomever leaked that image should get fired, because it’s going to scare away a lot of people from buying now that they know a better model is on the way (if it’s true).

Otherwise, they better get it on the market ASAP, even if that does risk making early adopters mad (hey, it works for Apple).

Of course that means there will be an Xbox 360 V3.0 later this year when they go to 65nm.

Microsoft is not going to give up their cost advantage on the 360. I would be shocked if they integrated HD-DVD into the 360 this year.

Don’t expect to ever see the 360 have the HD-DVD drive built in. Microsoft is firmly on the “let’s make it cost less” road. Competing against some kinda high-end PS3 looks less and less necessary, as the current PS3s are priced such that they’re piling up at stores.

The goal is to get to $199/299 and get the next 10 million customers, not to give the same 10 million that already bit another $500 toy to pine after.

I’d also bet against 802.11n. Even if they do built-in WiFi (which I seriously doubt), they’re not going to do draft-N. N won’t be ratified until 2008. If they did build in the WiFi, it would be the a/b/g solution they have externally.

But more to the point, Microsoft very clearly confirms that they will not integrate the HD-DVD into the device. They don’t give those wishy-washy PR answers, they just say “no way absolutely NOT.” That’s not to say that a further in the future, redesigned 360 (like the slimline PS2), that comes out in 2009, wouldn’t ever have it. But seriously, don’t expect HD-DVD built into the 360 this year or even next.

I mean the transfer rates are not high. The HD DVD drives that are out, only read DVDs at 8x, slower than the DVD drives currently in the 360, and cost a lot more to make. They’re also slower than Blu-ray drives, even when reading their own HD DVD media. This doesn’t affect movie playback, but it would affect game load times.