More Star Trek: TNG?

Star Trek: TNG to Possibly Return as Alex Kurtzman Oversees Expansion of Star Trek On TV

A limited series with plot details yet to be released. This is rumored to be a Star Trek: The Next Generation reunion, as Variety reports that Kurtzman is also trying to woo back Patrick Stewart to reprise his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

You would think at this point due to their ages, they would all be Captains or Admirals or Retired.

Yeah I do not think I want this.

Yeah, I’d rather have no new Picard than horribly-written Picard, which is what a Kurtzman-helmed project would entail.

Eh… I love the cast from TNG, but those guys are freaking OLD now. I mean, Stewart is kind of frail at this point.

Just make a new series. That’s how Star Trek works.

ST:D, despite trying hard, has not managed to cure me of my optimism. I’ll give it a fair chance. Especially if it is a limited series. Hell, an anthology approach could work so they don’t need to cram in all the characters at the same time.

Yes, but with Kurtzman it’s just as likely the experience will be familiar



Hey, he did good on Fringe. I think?

What they need to do is make a new show about a new Federation starship captained by Nog. It would be AMAZING.

Oh yes, the ferengi, a race characterized nearly exclusively by rapacious greed. Let’s see more of that.

Did you…not watch ANY of DS9?

You just hush up about Nog and DS9. You liked the Abrams crap-fest, so I am diminishing your opinions on Trek this week by 50% until you show me something.

I am in the “just make new characters” camp on this.

Yeah, can’t blame you. I’d prefer a post-Nemesis timeframe though. Stop it with the prequel shit.

Oh right forgot, they also like their ears rubbed. I forgot like half their motivation.

Do you want the penalty box! You are already at 50% on your opinions here. I can up the penalty!

Yeah. Anyone who speaks ill of Nog will have to answer to ME.

The. Best.

Hey, I like DS9 as much as the next guy but if you guys are going to seriously go to bat for the ferengi as being some kind of interesting characters, I gotta shake my head at you. It would be generous to call them one dimensional.

Now if you want to make a case for Quark, I’ll hear you out because he was in damn near every episode and almost couldn’t help developing a personality. But any time you see some ferengi character wander into frame, did you ever say to yourself hey! A new character! I wonder what his deal will be? No you didn’t, because he was ferengi, they only have one deal!

I’m not sure you watched the same show we did.