More than 70% of American boys have played GTA

More than 70 percent of American teenage boys have played the violent but popular “Grand Theft Auto” video games, and they are more likely to have been in a fight than those who have not played, according to a new Gallup company poll released on Tuesday.

Although the study showed twice as many boys who had played the criminal adventure game reported having been in a fight in the last year, the survey’s authors cautioned that did not prove a link between game violence and real-life behavior.

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What interests me in that study is inthe numbers: approximately 2/3 of boys have played GTA3 and approximately 2/3 of boys who have fought have played GTA3 (within the significant 5% error given). So boys who play GTA3 have, by this study, no statistical prediliction towards being more or less likely to be in a fight than any other boys.

Empirical data against a causal relationship between game playing and violence. Good.

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