More than meets some eyes or something

Looks decent… though I imagine trailers closer to release might offer a bit more excitement.

Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay are on a roll.

God, they just look like every other robot in every other movie ever. At least the action sequences look like they’ll be pretty good, but it’s really sad that someone finally made a Transformers movie and populated it with a bunch of RoboCop 2s and Matrix mechs.

Did anyone else catch that Voltron cameo at 1:17?

Let’s be honest: If there was one movie Michael Bay was meant to make it had to be the one where huge robots beat the shit out of each other for two hours.

Looks awesome. I didn’t expect to ever say anything nice about Michael Bay, but that trailer really impressed me. A very restrained trailer it was too - no music, no deep-throated voice-over.

Bleh. It’ll be typical Bay dreck.

Well yes, but it’ll be typical Bay dreck WITH GIANT ROBOTS.

  • Alan

The looks better than I thought, but I do wish it looked MORE cartoony. I know that’s an odd thing to say, but the robots looked too mechanical. They lacked the personality of the cartoon. Still, definitely a movie I will watch.

Which makes me want to see it even less!

So, when you saw Optimus transform, you didn’t involuntarily spasm with delight? I can only conclude that beneath your human exterior you are nothing but cold, dead metal!

I’m glad that 24’s Agent Pierce (Glenn Morshower) is in it as some military type, but he really should’ve been cast as Sparkplug instead.

Y’know what kills me the most in this now? That they didn’t even put in the “transforming” sound effect in some way, shape or form. What would that have cost them?

I know that they’re trying to be all different and cool and update everything, but seriously, what would a little fan service like that have done to the credibility of a TRANSFORMERS MOVIE. I mean, keerist, are they taking themselves a bit too seriously or what?

Also, it would help if someone quoted an internet meme. Maybe “I’m the juggernaut, bitch!”

Nope. I was in high school when the Transformers cartoons debuted, so my choice of toys at that age were girls and cars. The whole concept of robots that morphed into cars always struck me as being utterly stupid.

Upon watching it again and pausing it, I’m annoyed by the Skorponok design. It doesn’t have a recognizable face. It looks like a conglomeration of scrap metal in the vague shape of arms and a tail.

That having been said, they’ve guaranteed my ass in a seat when they announced Peter Cullen doing the voice of Prime. sigh

But how do you feel about them morphing into, say, German pistols or dinosaurs?

What about a helicoptor that turns into a robot and then stomps on some stuff?
Because I think that might be shit hot

I’m thinking a race of motorcycles that turned into bipedal robots would take the cake.