Morrowind: Firemoth plugin

Jumpin’ Jehosophat, I can’t even touch the Skeleton King in this thing. He has like 1100 frickin’ hit points.

He regenerates hitpoints I believe…

The firemoth plugin was weird. I swear my team mates kept vanishing through various points of the quest like it was some haunted house.

I thought the plugin was ok until I ran into the skele king. I don’t know if its supposed to be some kind of joke by the plugin author or what, but I quit trying after I read about how many hitpoints it has and that it regenerates too.

I think a maxed-out character could take him. It’s going to be a while, though…

Yeah, this quest is definitely a newbie trap. The skeletons and such are fine for a lower-level character, but the King eats said confidently newbies alive. I’d take my Agent against him (level 26 and just absolutely loaded for bear, Tribunal veteran) but can’t be arsed to go all the way back to Seyda Neen rom Solstheim.

I’ll see your agent and raise you a lvl 35 Battlemage fighter (Strength 115) , with optional 100% Chameleon/Sanctuary clothing.


Ooooh!! 100% chameleon?? How’d you pull that off? How long does it last – is that permanent? I didn’t think any clothes could support 100% chameleon…without cheating. :-)

I’ve got a battlemage character who’s at around lvl 40. I just can’t imagine there are too many creatures in existence he can’t take.

Got some fun toys, too. He’s a pretty good enchanter.

Here is the stats for the lich:

Strength-255, everything else at 100.
Health-2000, Spellpoints-3000, Fatigue-1000
Abilities- Regenerate Magicka, Regenerate Health, Resist Shock 50%, Immune to Frost, Disease, and Poison. All of these are constant effect.

I think I was around level 20-25 when I fought him. He was the only one I ever had trouble fighting but it felt good when he died. I still haven’t finished Morrowind though, got a bit tired of the constant crashing.

100% constant effect Chameleon is pulled off by taking advantage of the fact that spells stack in Morrowind. For instance, a 24% (point) constant effect chameleon spell can be put on an exquisite amulet and a 12% (point) spell can be put on an exquisite ring. Wear both of them together and you have a 36% constant effect Chameleon spell. Add enchanted items until you hit 100%.

100% sanctuary is almost as cheap, no enemy can hit you in melee ever again. Of course, I think you’re still vulnerable to spells, but thats a minor point.

The thing that confused me was that there was no gradation in monster difficulty at all; an endless supply of easy skeletons and rats, and then right around the corner, boom, the hardest thing in the game.

I’m using the Super Adventurer’s Mod, btw, which is great. It cuts down on the cheese and ups the difficulty.

That can only be used with a new character, right? I’ll probably use it if I ever start another character, but it’s too late, now.

The skeletons are good for boosting up the marksman skill. You can do all but the big guy, and think of it as target practice. The first time I tried it, I had a theif go in. I was a l;ittle pile of dust very shortly. I didn’t attempt it again until I got a character through to the end of Tribunal. This was a redguard warrior. It was quite a battle but I wasn’t in any serious danger or dying.

You’re just not high level enough, and/or haven’t enchanted enough items. There’s much tougher stuff in the Bloodmoon expansion pack – playing the game as a werewolf was the first time the default difficulty was actually damn hard.