Morrowind Game of the year Edition-XBOX

Wow. I picked up Tribunal for PC just to have the journal enhancements. The add-on was okay but the new journal made the game much, much more friendly. Sorry to hear this didn’t make it to Xbox. Are they at least going to include some of the cool fan-made add-ons like Weathered Signposts? Probably not.

It crashes a loton my console as well. It seems to just be a feature of the GOTY edition.

I’ve heard it crashes mostly on the first generation of the XBox CD drives (Thompson). Might want to give Microsoft a call and see if you can get the drive replaced.

I heard its a dual layer DVD and that is why people are having these problems. Just what Bethesda needs, a problematic release!


I’ve already had my drive replaced by them and all my other games work fine. I’m pretty sure they put another Thompson in there though, which pisses me off and I expect it to break any day.

If it’s an incompatibility w/ that drive, how was Bethesda not aware that first gen Xboxes have Thompsons? :/

I’ve never even played a PC game with this many problems, even if I had a driver conflict or something. Playing this has me forgetting that console games just aren’t supposed to crash. The worst part is that I completely love the game when it does work.

I’m going to play the PC version now. Fixed journal + user content beats the nagging feeling that I ought to play it on Xbox since we bought the game.

Maybe someone can answer a question I’ve got: I’m probably going to make a custom Stealth class, basically a master thief, and I was wondering about skill choice…what is the disadvantage to choosing, for example, long blade over short blade? Long blades are going to do more damage, but there has to be some tradeoff or else long blade would just be a no-brainer. The same goes, but probably less so, for armor, because it can get rather heavy and that can be problematic in itself. However, I’ve only heard that boot weight matters for sneaking, so if I keep myself barefoot, why not take Medium Armor instead of Light?

That and any other opinions on skill sets for Stealth characters would be appreciated. I’ve played the game quite a bit but it’s always the same first 8 or so levels…probably done that same run about 3 times now, and I’m always going back and forth as far as what I think are the best choices for major and minor skills.

I have a very early Xbox, but don’t want to contact Microsoft about it if Morrowind is the only game to cause a fuss. I still remember the horrors Tom reported when trying to get his XBOX woes straightened out.

Regarding weapons and armor, there are tradeoffs. Short blades generally hit faster than long blades. There’s also some pretty cool dweamer short weapons out there.

For armor, I like light armor. Glass armor has very good protection and hardly weighs anything. Especially early in the game, if you wear heavy armor that’s about all you’ll be able to carry sometimes. Not good for when you are trying to pack on the swag early on.

Last, I can’t remember which types are what, but look at the different weapons and armor and see which ones are strength or speed based. You can boost those stats much more efficiently if balance them across weapons, armor and spell classes.

Not sure if this is a rule that can be written in stone, but my experience was… original XBox from first release in Nov 2001 - crashes here and there with Morrowind. Later I got sick of the crashes and traded it in for a newer version with a better DVD drive - no real trouble with the Platinum edition of Morrowind. This was generally true for a lot of games.

This was the story of my life with Morrowind-- both the Xbox and the PC versions flung me into crashing hell. It’s a tribute to the game that I liked it enough to hang on with the PC version even through all that, but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. :lol: (I traded the Xbox version back in when the PC version debuted and got the PC one instead, hoping for patches that would actually eliminate the bugs. I hoped in vain. :P )

My Xbox is one of the original ones (I bought it on the day of release), but I’ve never had issues with any other Xbox games so I didn’t want to mess with an otherwise functional console. I tried a boatload of workarounds and fixes for the PC Morrowind (I think there’s a thread or two chronicling my woes here at Qt3 somewhere) and I even bought both expansion packs hoping there would be bug fixes built into them, but no such luck.

Still, I played it through gritted teeth for a couple/few months anyway, and it was a fun game when it wasn’t crashing.

I might not even mind the crashes so much except for the fact that the game takes forever to load a game once you restart.

Really, it’s one of the reasons Gothic 2 found the home on my hard drive. Morrowind GOTY was frustrating me, so I turned to some PC lovin’.

But there’s way more cool long blades out there. In any case, I find there’s not enough advantages of a short blade to go with it over a long blade. Anyways, archers rule!

For armor, I like light armor.

It’s going to be a bit rough in the early going, but light armour is a good choice for stealth (and even others). There’s other gear you’ll want to carry and finding that your heavy armour has used up all your lugging capacity isn’t much fun.

After a couple days of playing it on the PC, I can’t recommend anybody ever play the Xbox GOTY version. Loading times are approximately 5 seconds versus not approximately (I kept count) 1:58 on the Xbox. Being a stealth character can entail quite a bit of save/load, especially if you’re adventurous, but any sort of trial and error play is basically impossible when it takes literally two minutes to load a game. And then probably crashes.

I think I’ve had one crash in 3 days on the PC, and it was a CTD while loading a game. This is with both of the expansions and all of the new patches installed as well. I can alt-tab even without having to play windowed mode, and have left it sitting in the background for a good while and come back to it without any problems. That plus if any of the entire game-killing bugs crop up, I can just edit them out of existence with the console.

I’d never have bothered with the Xbox version, but the PC game sent me to the hospital a couple of years ago, so I’ve been pretty reluctant to pick it back up. I’m just staying away from the hardcore Speechcrafting!