Morrowind: Now, actually playable!

The patch, the dynamic draw distance adjuster available here, and a new Geforce 4400, I’m actually getting playable framerates.

I also made a character with as high a speed rating as possible, and man, that really cuts down on the tedious parts.

Still playing the game, Jason?

I lost interest the first time through (last year) and sold it off, but I bought all the expansions and started it up again a month ago. I’ve got some thoughts on it I’ll put out when I finish it. In 2005. :D

I’ve just reinstalled and restarted after buying both expansions, and collecting a select bunch of mods. Morrowind Sound Enhancement 3.4 is ace. I’ve had a lot of fun out of this game, and despite thinking it a little bland the first run through, I’ve been taking the time to read the books and soak up the attention to detail. It’s a very content rich environment.

Yeah, the sound thing is cool. So is the super adventurer’s thing; you can still become a god, but it strips most of the cheese out of it.

I’ve avoided any game balance mods this time, I got them a bit tangled up in my last install, and that put me off. I don’t mind the cheese potential. You don’t have to use the cheese.