Morrowind rox, I just wish I had the cash for the xpansions

I played Morrowind the first time for a good 70-80 hours and never beat the game. I have since picked it up again. My first characters were a thief and Jesus. My lastest character is a professional boxer.

What I like most about this game is its atmosphere. The NPCs dont say much but the environ just speaks to me. I recall this one time I had been running a small theiving mission on the west side of the island. It was early yet so I decided to adventure north. I ran into some diseased beasts. Fearing id catch the stuff I ran north further, scrambling up a tall mountain thanking god for my altheltic abilities. The other side of the mountain range was pure wasteland.

A flat land covered in ash, bones, and peppered with small nomadic villages. I chanced an encounter with some of these people, and of course they hated my kind. At first they respected my being there, but treated me gruffly. Apparently theft is out of fashion with any society in Morrowind, as I soon found myself besieged by the tribes people. Running east now, I came across more and more of these places. I then came upon a temple of some sort. Lost for sure, I decided to explore for loot, besides rest and shelter is always a good idea. Surprise! The place wasnt empty, a priest of some fashion and a guard assaulted me. I barely won the day. Taking stock of my situation I gathered up their clothes and tried them on myself. Nothing that matched, but I could sell them…someday.

I was near the eastern mountain range for this area when a dust storm hit. Travelling in this is dangeorus since visibility is low and you could hit a group of whatever real easy like. Yet I pressed on, getting out of this hell was top priority. I noticed a glimmer in the distance, a camp fire.

Circling around I came up from behind their tent. Both of them were warming themselves, drinking, eating, whatever, I wanted their BOOTS. I leapt up at them, poisoning one of them with a magic ring and stabbing the other in the eye several times. Ill make no illusions, Morrowind combat is a very confused affair, but id like to think I dispatched them with some grace.

After warming myself at their fire and stealing their belongings, I made my way over the mountains and back to civilization. Upon reaching the first town I breathed a sigh of relief. As I stole plates from the inns pantry I could think nothing else but ‘this is the life’.

Good times for sure. I am hoping the heroic tales of my Professional Boxer will be ones of equal merit. I plan to challenge mouthy gaurds to a game of fisticuffs asap.

This game has a history of hell with me–it has been my worst experience with a game in years as far as perpetual freezing goes. :evil: Ahem. Pardon me while I steal your handle for a moment, AngryFace. :lol:

I have since visited several other forums, including and the Elder Scrolls forum , where I’ve seen many others with similar difficulties who have all different types of hardware.

I got the Hex-Box version when it premiered, and it continually froze every few minutes to the point of having to reset the console every time (other Xbox games I have run fine, though, even when I play them for hours at a time). I swapped the game out twice where I got it from, and all copies did the same thing. As an RPG fan, I was pretty ticked off at Bugthesda, especially in light of the Elder Scrolls’ buggy history overall.

I recently received Morrowind for PC free in the box with my ATI AIW Radeon 9700 Pro. I had just reformatted my hard drive before I installed Morrowind; it was the only thing on there besides WinXP and DX 8.1 like the game requires. This CD version came already pre-patched to v. 1.07.0722 which is what the current, downloadable patch version is. No matter what game settings I played with (shutting off shadows, distance, pixel shading on/off, sound on software mode, lowered res to 800x600 and matched desktop res to that, and put on/off autosave), this game froze up every few minutes, just like the Xbox version. It locked up so badly every time that WinXP’s ctrl+alt+delete wouldn’t even respond, and I’d have to hit the reset button every time. I tried it with and without WinXP SP1 and the second hotfix from Microsoft, too.

Yes, I also tried three different sets of drivers (including the very newest as of a week ago), deleting the previous ATI suite first every time. I’ve installed other games now, and they’ve all run fine with each set of ATI drivers, except for Morrowind, of course. I updated my SB Audigy Platinum drivers to the newest, too. I have an Asus A7N8x deluxe with the NForce2 chipset, Athlon XP 2100+ and a gig of DDR for crying out loud. I’ve had the Radeon 9700 Pro AIW card literally since the day it hit local store shelves here, and no other games behave like this. I run no TSRs in the background; not even virus protection, screensavers, updaters, task schedulers or power management.

I also bought both Tribunal and Bloodmoon, in the hopes that they might address further the instability issues of the original game, and I tried playing Morrowind both with and without these expansions installed, defragmenting the hard drive in between all this many times. Nothing helped.

Grrrrrrr! I do have DX 9.0a still zipped and sitting on my hard drive here, but I’ve given up on Morrowind on this rig. I have a fav older DX pinball game that won’t run in DX9 so I’m loathe to install it for now.

I do have other PCs at my disposal here at home, and the very same Morrowind CD has run somewhat better on a P4 2.5 gig (Intel board and chipset) with 512 DDR, a GeForce 4 ti 4200, and Win98, but I’ve only played it for about 45 minutes this time around. It still freezes every now and then even at that, but sometimes it snaps back and continues after a couple of seconds, instead of staying a freezing ball of wreckage every time. I’ve even got shadows and distance cranked, and pixel shading on. I’m afraid to put this second rig’s res up past 800x600 and for now I’m leaving the sound on software mode although this second PC has a SB Live in it. Why tempt fate? It will be interesting to see how long it holds at this “less frequent freeze” as I progress in this game, if I am even able to. Time will tell.

But overall, I have created the same character so many friggen times that I can draw an axe and a spear blindfolded. :x

I recently learned that the ATI 9700 needs an unusually small AGP aperture in order to work with some systems. This has something to do with the computer having to deal with too large of a GART table as the aperture is increased. You might want to try setting it to 64MB or even 32MB in your BIOS. AGP aperture tweaking has helped game stability issues on all kinds of rigs, but it’s been especially helpful with the 9700s.

I’ll try it, but other games I’ve installed since don’t have any problems running with the aperture set at 128 (video card RAM being 128 megs as well). I hadn’t heard that about the 9700, though, and will give it a go-- but I’m curious as to where you’ve seen that.

The ti 4200 on the second rig only has 64 megs of RAM, so all along I have left its aperture at the default 64. This P4 rig still freezes occasionally with Morrowind, too, and I’ve had it since early last fall, long enough to know that I’ve played quite a number of games on it without ever having to diddle with the aperture before.

At this point, it’s only one BIOS setting per machine and I can always change them back if nothing improves; I must admit that I’m not holding my breath, though, especially in light of my Xbox experience…

That is just weird. Have you ever had an electrician check the power for the outlets that your PCs and Xbox are hooked up to? Low voltage/current can result in many technology oddities/headaches.

On the other hand. it doesn’t surprise me that you’re having problems with the game. I think half of the player base has problems with Morrowind. It really gets me that Bethesda made such an incredibly buggy/sluggish game. Especially since the core game is so good. I haven’t been able to bring myself to play Morrowind recently just because of all the annoying slowdown.

Well, good luck with your problem.

Thanks, dandylife! :D

I live in a new apartment (7 years old), and not only do no other PC games of mine behave that way, but neither hubby’s nor daughter’s do either, and between us we must own, God, 500 PC games easily (and they each own their own computers). I mean, over time you come across games that have certain bugs and need to be patched or whatever, but I’ve never hit anything quite this nasty for constant freezing no matter what I try (especially with newer titles that are supposed to run on WinXP). And as far as consoles go, I own all the current ones. I must have 40 PS2 games, 20 PSX games, 10 Gamecube and 10 Xbox games, and Morrowind earned the dubious distinction of being the only bloody one (all three copies no less) that froze all the time like that. With the Xbox version, I just figured that a whole batch that shipped to our neck of the woods at launch must have been pressed badly (one of the times I was in line at EB for a swap, there were two other customers behind me, there to swap out their freezing versions of Morrowind as well).

But this PC version, which came free with my Radeon AIW 9700 Pro, is already patched, so it’s far from a new release CD.

You should check out that Elder Scrolls tech help forum-- it’s enough to make me plop a drink down onto my Morrowind CD and have done with it, dandylife! So I know what you mean about so many people having problems. Actually, several pals of mine who all got either the Xbox or PC versions back at game launch all had crashing/freezing problems and wound up returning their copies as well.


I lowered the aperture on my ti 4200 system (because that’s where Morrowind is currently installed) down to 32, but it didn’t change anything. I still get those same freezes here and there. :shock:

I’ve already deleted the game from my Radeon machine (twice!), but sometime soon I may reinstall it yet again and play with not only the aperture setting (although I’m very skeptical at this point that anything is going to help), but I might also try lowering the 8x AGP down to 4x. I have to say, though, that if I had to put in a personal verdict, especially after visiting that Elder Scrolls forum tech issue area, it would be: crappy code. The end. :roll:

On my previous rig, Morrowind locked up on a regular basis. I might play for a few minutes, or if I was lucky, maybe a full hour, but it was guaranteed to freeze up at some point.

Specs: P3-900 with VIA chipset. SB live and ATI Rage Fury MAXX (don’t ask why I got one of those dogs).

I managed to get some better results once I swapped an old Turtle Beach sound card in. The game would still lock up, but it was much rarer. I think the VIA and the SB weren’t palsy-walsy.

My current rig is a P4-2.4 with an sis chipset, onboard sound, and a Radeon 8500. It almost never locks up.

From what I’ve read of complaints, Morriwnd seems to fail on a lot more hardware combos than normal.

And even running fine, it’s still sluggish even after fiddling with the view distances etc.

I was getting crash-to-desktops about every 2-4 hours. Then I changed the “DontLoadThread” line in the .ini file to “1” and have had only one CTD in over 40 hours of playing. But I mentioned this at GoneGold and apparently I am just lucky.

It’s a superb game once you get the crashes fixed. The quests are highly addictive. The game definitely has that “one more quest before I go to bed” quality to it, that keeps you up until 5am.

There is no better satisfaction than finishing the main quest in Morrowind. I bought Bloodmoon last week and installed it, but held off going to the new island until finishing the main quest. This was difficult to do because everyone in the game is teasing you about this exciting place up north you shouldn’t dare go to. :) But yesterday I finally did it: I finished the main quest, with a lvl37 thief character. Woo hoo! Time to pack my bags and head out to Solstheim!

No prob. :) Say, I noticed you were running a Soundblaster card. Those things are notoriously unhappy, especially running under Win XP. Have you tried running Morrowind with sound totally disabled, or maybe even removing your soundcard altogether and using mobo built in sound?

I have to say, though, that if I had to put in a personal verdict, especially after visiting that Elder Scrolls forum tech issue area, it would be: crappy code. The end. :roll:

Yeah, I get that impression, too.

There’s an option to use software sound instead of hardware accelerated sound. If the SB is giving problems, it might be worth a shot.

I have 1700XP@2000, SiS735 chipset, Santa Cruz, Radeon 8500, 512ram and i never had any problems at all with Morrowind. At the VERY first there was an occasional CTD but since the release of the first patch its pretty much as stable as any other game. The only thing that remains bugged is something to do with Enchant or inventory manegment; when i start a game i can manipulate items in my inventory quickly but the longer i play, or if i create several enchanted items, UI perfomance is considerably degraded (from instantaneous to 1-2 seconds per item manipulation in inventory) and entering names for items or spells becomes painfully unresponsive.

Yeah, I already tried that on not one but both PCs (although it might be tough to read through everything I tried in my, um, major rant earlier in this thread :wink: ). Thanks anyway, though!

And dandylife,

Hmmm. I hadn’t thought of yanking the Audigy out altogether; I guess all I would have to do is yank it and enable the onboard sound in the BIOS, move the speakers up, and try it that way. I may try that if Tom’s aperture adjustment (and/or cutting down the 8x AGP to 4x) for the Radeon doesn’t work. Or I may just dig a really, really deep hole in my back yard instead and bury that CD once and for all. :P

You’re really missing out with the expansions. If you get Bloodmoon and create a character with one of the new Nord heads, then uninstall Bloodmoon, you can run around like this!

Matthew, I have wanted give Morrowind a beheading ever since I got it!

As I have Bloodmoon too, I think I will create a female Nord as you suggest, and call her “Beth.” :twisted:

Level 47 - Still on the main island. I have not finished the main quest or either expansion. Just too much fun exploring.

He heard it from me in another thread. :) I heard it from the boards over at It is the best place for troubleshooting any ATI issue.

– Xaroc

He heard it from me in another thread. :) I heard it from the boards over at It is the best place for troubleshooting any ATI issue.

– Xaroc[/quote]

Yar. My guess is that it’s an ATI glitch, an Audigy glitch, or both. Keep us posted.

Ha ha-- that site would be called “rage” of all things, huh? :lol:

Thanks for the link, Xaroc. I bookmarked that one; it’s a keeper. I think I’m going to give this site the once over (or twice over :wink: ) before I try anything else on my Radeon rig.

No problem. There is a pretty decent community there. They are a bit defensive if you bring up the N word (nVidia of course).

FWIW, I remember trying Morrowind just to check out the performance on my 9700 Pro when I first got it and it never locked up on me. This was however with older drivers and not a very lengthy test.

– Xaroc

I’ve never had a problem with Morrowind using an ATI 9700 Pro, and I’ve played the game, uh, extensively.